Leia and Rey
Leia and Rey
Leia and Rey
Leia and Rey
Leia and Rey

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2022 Holiday Rescues, Special Tails

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  • Two Peas In A Pod...

About Leia and Rey

Two Peas in a Pod…

Leia and Rey were rescued from a horrible hoarding situation where their previous owner reluctantly surrendered them knowing it was the only way for these two sisters to get the care they so desperately needed. 

At just eight weeks old, they found themselves in a shelter scared, alone, underweight, and covered in fleas. PPCR immediately stepped up and transported these siblings to a foster home. Once in foster care, it was discovered that Leia was having a life-threatening reaction to being bitten by all of the fleas covering her tiny body. That reaction developed into a blood parasite called Haemobartonella which attacks the red blood cells in the body and destroys them. Left untreated, it is most certainly fatal. 

When Leia was taken to the hospital, the veterinarian team said she was extremely anemic. So much so, they weren’t quite sure how she was still alive. The veterinarian also didn’t give Leia good odds of surviving.  But Leia’s foster mom and PPCR were not going to let Leia go without a fight.  Leia was immediately put on an intensive antibiotic therapy regime, fluids, supplements and a wet food diet high in iron…plus lots of TLC. Her blood work was also checked periodically to make sure she was improving.

Fast forward several months later, Leia beat all the odds to become a healthy, happy kitten with a zest for life! She overcame so much in her short little life, and she never let any of it get her down. Even at her sickest point, Leia craved the love and attention she received from her foster parents. 

Besides having a gorgeous Balinese look, Leia and Rey are the sweetest, most loving snuggle-bugs who have a very special bond. They do everything together. Their favorite things? Belly scratches, sun bathing in front of the sliding glass door, breakfast time, and helping their foster mom with office work! In the evenings, when everything is winding down, they become the most adorable sleepy lap kitties! 

At six months old, Leia and Rey hit the jackpot when they found the best forever home with a great family. They will now spend the rest of their lives being loved and cherished, as it should be. 

Rescue work is not for the faint hearted, and many of our foster parents become emotionally invested in the animals in their care. But all the blood, sweat and tears are totally worth it when you help transform a sick, injured, or discarded animal into a healthy, happy, confident kitty who goes on to have a beautiful life.  With our dedicated supporters, loving fosters homes, and the most caring group of people, we were able to give these two sisters a second chance at life…because they matter.