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2017, Adopted

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About Kendra

Born ~4/1/17, F, Sepia Agouti Singapura
This tiny treasure is a purebred Singapura who came to us, along with several Burmese, after her breeder fell too ill to care for them. At just over 3.5 pounds—a full-grown female Singapura weighs 6-8 pounds at most—Kendra looks delicate, but Singapuras as a breed are not frail. Whoever adopts this adorable kitten will soon have an active, intelligent companion who enjoys the company of humans and other cats. Soon, but not quite yet.
When Kendra arrived in rescue, she was extremely shy and scared. A sudden change of domicile is unsettling for most cats, and what we’ve found with similar breeds is that it can take them quite a bit of time to adjust. That Kendra is already sitting on her foster mom’s lap when she is picked up, staring up with huge, golden eyes, is highly encouraging. She is lucky to be in a private home with a very experienced foster mom who has helped her get used to the sounds of television, human voices, gentle handling, and the presence of other cats.

She has made amazing progress, and her foster mom is smitten with her. But in rescue, there is always a decision to face about how soon to make a healthy but still-shy and not-socialized cat available for adoption. The question is: do we keep them in rescue for the time it takes them to settle in fully, or is it better to have them go as soon as possible to their permanent home? A cat who is in foster care long enough to mistake it for home might suffer a setback when it comes time to move again. We’ve also seen cats make slower progress in rescue than they would in the quiet of a home where there weren’t several other kitties requiring focused attention.

What is most critical, in a case like Kendra’s, is that her new caregivers be experienced cat owners, preferably familiar with this breed (or with Burmese, which are similar) and certainly patient enough to allow her to unfold at her own pace. Kendra is already getting easy to handle, but she must be handled gently and protected from sounds and sights that might scare her. She loves other cats and would benefit from the company of another nice cat or two, but we will not place her in home where there are children or dogs. We will give preference to a household where someone is home much of the time but will, of course, consider applicants who work outside the home, provided that they will give Kendra lots of quality time during the evening and on weekends.
If you feel that you can offer this sweet kitten the safe, loving home and future she deserves, let us know.
Kendra is vetted, microchipped, vaccinated, and litterbox perfect.
She is fostered in Davis, CA.
For more information contact Laurel at (530) 304-2836 or email at Or, please send an Adoption Application. If you are unable to reach Laurel by phone or email, email us at