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2017, Adopted

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About Keiko

Adopted by Steve

Born ~ Mid-July 2016, Female, Tawny Medium Chocolate Occicat

Bonded with sister Kailani, Pair for $400

December Update: The girls have graduated to sleeping on one side of the bed at night with Ajani and Danny. Both greet their foster mom in the morning and play with shoe laces while she’s getting ready to meet the day. While Kailani will sleep on a lap occasionally and sometimes crawls under the covers, Keiko continues being satisfied with proximity. Both kittens will “help” their foster mom at her desk, dragging out pencils, pens, calculators, and paper pads and help in the bathroom by unrolling the TP. They are ready for a cat-experienced home possessed of great love and patience to continue bringing these shy babies out of their shells.

Our Occicat kittens in foster care now were taken into rescue from a breeder in Southern California who was in poor health. We agreed to take in these beautiful kittens and find them loving, inside homes. They came to us frightened, not people-oriented and very thin. But they LOVED the resident cats in their foster homes. They quickly bonded with the adults, who showed them the ropes and groomed and played with them. They snuggle together is a warm heap of faces and colors. We think adopting them as pairs or into a home with another young cat with mother instincts (either male or female) is the home we are seeking for them. We will not let them go as a single cat household. They need to go to experienced cat owners who will continue to work with them and give them a calm and secure environment.

Occicats are are high-energy cats and you should plan to spend more time playing with them than you might think! As one breeder says, “Prepare your house for a two-year old. They cannot be alone.”

Hello, I’m Keiko, and my name has many meanings, but I choose it to mean “lucky or blessed child,” and I am. My sister and I have come around from being frightened to asking our foster mom to get that kitty tease off the top of the shelf ‘cause we’re not big enough yet to get it ourselves! We follow her around until she gets the drift and then we play and play! I also pick through the toy box, drag the right toy for the day out, and then keep it away from my sister. My sister and I also like “chase,” and our foster mom’s half-Abyssinian, Ajani, will often oblige us. Everything is a toy for me and I’m a really good jumper!

When done with play, I especially like my cat heating pad that’s on a pillow or I like curling up with Ajani. Sometimes, even though I’m still very shy, I’ll sit next to my foster mom when she’s sitting on the floor to read. She puts me on her lap and pets me gently with the “kitty-tongue” glove before releasing me. Now, I don’t run off when she puts me down, and she tells me I’m making progress! I’ll even let her carry me around a little bit. I don’t like to be brushed, and I’m not really a lap cat yet, either, but my foster mom keeps telling me that one day, I’ll probably start to enjoy these things as much as play.

Our foster mom’s keen on finding an experienced cat person who will understand the concept of “no sacred surfaces” and who will continue to help us on our journeys, giving us time, space, love, and attention to continue developing.

Keiko is fostered in Davis, CA, and will come to you microchipped, spayed, vaccinated, and tested.

If you have questions, contact foster mom Kathy at or send an Adoption Application. You can also email us at

NOTE: We prefer families with children bring them to the adoption appointment. Why? This allows interaction between the children and the cat. This helps ensure they will be a good fit for each other. A mismatch between a child and a cat is not in anyone’s best interest!