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2019, Adopted

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About Katrina

Born ~09/2017, F, Solid Black Maine Coon

This is one very striking girl! She is hard to photograph as solid black kitties are always difficult. She is a young girl who has been a world traveler. We think she started life in Russia. She has a Russian microchip.She was brought to the States to be a breeding queen. We know she had at least one litter. However the records say that since she did not produce and deliver milk normally for her kittens she was spayed last year.

Katrina was shy when she arrived from the shelter but she has relaxed and settled into her foster home quite well. She has clearly lived around other kitties and could again but I rather think she would also like to start out in her new home as an only cat. She seems a little unsure that she is going to be loved and safe with humans. She watches. She will settle into her new home just fine. I have not had her long and do not know her as much as I wish. I will get more photo’s of her soon and give you an update.

Katrina is a big girl. Look at the huge size of her paws! She is still under two years and will continue growing until she is well over three. Look also at a her wonderful ear tufts and long, long whiskers. Her round eyes are a very light, piercing gold. If you look carefully at her muzzle you can see a slightly boxy look. Her upper and lower jaws come together a little oddly. It doesn’t bother her or affect her eating. It is just part of her special look. Her tail is one of the biggest plumes I have ever seen. As happens frequently with black kitties the sun has turned her tail partly red near the end.

Katrina is quite a treasure. She has such an elegant silhouette and she looks fabulous walking. I have not managed to get a photo of her standing and moving that is not a blur. Katrina can be startled by a sudden noise of movement but she is essentially a tolerant and good natured girl. She will love the safety and love in her new home. Some family will be so lucky to have this one of a kind, beautiful girl as their companion.

Katrina eats wet and dry food and is litterbox perfect.

If you are interested in this cat please fill out an adoption application at www.purebredsplus.org and mention the kitty named Katrina. You can send it in online. If you have questions about Katrina please email them to info@purebredsplus.org . Thank you .