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2013 Christmas, Special Tails

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Sometimes it’s in the blink of an eye…

As a long-time foster mom for Purebreds Plus, I’ve made it a mission to help kittens with severe eye problems. Why eye problems? A few years ago, I lost my brother, who was a prominent ophthalmologist, and since his passing I found it to be a way to remember him while also making a difference to others. Kati Kati is a perfect example of how my love for my brother and the kittens I foster come together.

Kati came into the shelter with a terrible eye infection. I took her to our PPCR ophthalmologist for an evaluation. She was diagnosed with severe conjunctivitis and symblepharon nictitans, a condition that prevents her eye from opening completely and that gives her very limited vision in the affected eye. This required round-the-clock medications to get it under control. The infection has healed now, but Kati still needs surgery to remove the excess tissue around her eye and improve her vision.

Kati had her surgery today and came through with flying colors! She will have to waer a cone for two weeks while it heals. She then goes back for her final check. Kati will be ready for adoption in about 2-3 weeks, with her bonded lynx point sister Verona.

Helping and fostering kittens like Kati is what makes rescue so rewarding for me.Thanks to all who have made donations to make her surgery possible. You really do make the work we do possible with your on going support and generosity. You give the cats and kittens hope.