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2017, Adopted

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About Kasimir

Adopted by Alice & Steve

Born ~2014, M, Seal Sepia Snow Bengal

Kasimir and his identical brother, Kohl, were owner surrendered to a shelter. We don’t know the story behind their abandonment only that their owners said they had bought them from a breeder of Snow Bengals. Had their owners taught these two extra special cats that they could trust humans?? I don’t know. Most cats don’t do well in a shelter and Bengal cats tend to do worse than most cats so the shelter asked Purebreds if we could take them into foster. We were happy to say Yes! When these two boys arrived in early September they were very frightened and upset. We gave them some space to chill and as time has passed they have become more relaxed and outgoing. We can pet them – they are just very shy. You can still see that shyness in their yes.

These two brothers are so identical we could not tell them apart. We found an old collar in a drawer to put on Kohl. (He has not appreciated it.) Kasimir is a little shyer than Kohl. Shyer with humans but not shy with the girl kitties – he has a special girl friend – the lovely blue eyed Aurelia- see the bottom picture below. He loves to show off his athleticism climbing up to see her.

Bengals are, of course, very athletic cats with buns of steel. More than most cats, they are climbers and jumpers. Is it ok with you to have a cat on top of your refrigerator? Or standing on the top edge of a door? I tell folks that having Bengal companions in your home is a life style choice.You need to be able to arrange your life and your home around their needs. They need a stimulating environment, space to run about and exercise, humans who have time to spend playing with them every day. They are so smart you can see them thinking. They may watch their humans and then copy them. They can definitely learn to open drawers, sliding doors and windows, and open lever handle doors (so easy) and sometimes ball handle doors. These are not sleep-on-the-couch Persians. These kitties are also very interactive and loving with their humans, very loyal. If you want to adopt Bengals you must enjoy the work to take care of them. Bored Bengals are unhappy Bengals and that is a situation in which they may vocalize a lot or find something to pull apart. This is not a cat to leave in an apartment while you go to work everyday. Having Bengals is a commitment. If you have room in your life and heart and home for them nothing can be more fun.

In rescue we continually get lost Bengals from the shelters where they end up. Since they are so beautiful looking folks notice them and bring them in. It takes extra care and commitment from a Bengal adopter to keep their kitties from getting out of the home. These are such smart, inventive kitties. Once they get out they tend to wander off from home way farther than most kitties. Many never get back to their homes. Young children may have trouble keeping them inside. Generally Bengals do well with friendly dogs and enjoy playing with them. Safe, well enclosed catios are always a great play area for Bengals (and most cats). Kasimir and Kohl are both very cat friendly.

Bengals lovers are usually looking for a connection with a little more of a wild animal vibe than they feel with most cats. Bengals are closer in breeding to the Asian Leopard Cat than other cats so that connection is a bit more likely to be there. At the same time a Bengal owner, like a dog owner, also has to be willing to train their very intelligent cat and set boundaries. Bengals are so smart they learn quickly. Kasimir and his brother, Kohl, need a home that will offer them a safe place to learn to enjoy their adopters and the conditions in their new home. They are coming along quickly in the almost six weeks we have had them. They have never bitten or swiped or made us fear that they would. They are not aggressive. I finally got a low jungle rumble from Kasimir as I was bugging him trying to take his photo. I was being somewhat rude in his opinion. “No go this way, no not that way, this way”etc I said. I did not hold his protest against him. He was right.

If you go to pet these boys they will pull back. We put flea meds on them and messed with them a bit. We can pet them. They just don’t really enjoy it a lot yet. They’ll be fine. It is early days to be posting them but I thought I would get them up so folks could see them. A family will come forward and say “Oh yes we would love to watch them unfold in our home”. They are super healthy cats – fixed, chipped, combo tested, vaccinated etc. I haven’t mentioned how beautiful their pelts are and how blue green their eyes. You can see all that in their photos. They are gorgeous. They are so bonded together they must be adopted together. What fun, what an opportunity to have a matched set of Snow Bengals!

Kasimir eats wet and dry food and is litterbox perfect.

His foster mom is Harriet in Santa Cruz.

Contact Harriet at (831) 336-2983 or email harrietkitty@comcast.net if you have questions, or send an Adoption Application. If you are unable to reach Harriet by phone or email, email us at Info@purebredsplus.org.