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Celebrate, Celebrate 2016

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About Kalea

With all the joy Kalea brings, it is hard to believe how her life started out. Born who knows where and when, living in a feral colony for who knows how long, developing a typical kitten-in-the-wild infection, then brought to a noisy vets office with a severe eye infection. While being evaluated for the eye problem, the eye ruptured and surgery was required to remove it immediately. The eye was removed and she needed to be isolated for treatment of her infection. All of this was patiently endured by a loving and sweet little girl. Even after all of this and a long transport day to a faraway foster home, Kalea purred at the drop of a hat, adored being around people and was just a happy and joyful kitten. She played, ate, and slept like any normal kitten but with a zest for life that made it hard to believe her very rough beginnings. We were blessed to be able to foster her.

This little girl was adopted quickly and is bringing joy and magic to her new home. She has won over a very nervous and cautious resident cat and her new parents just don’t know how they every lived without her!