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BDOG 2023: Kaci an Adopter’s View
Happy Ending Story…

Watch All Our Critters Sharing Cat Treats!

In late 2022, after losing 3 cats over the last four years, we were finally ready to bring some new kittens into our empty home.  Okay so it just felt empty; we still had Kiera our 75-pound German Shepherd and Captain Jack our 18-pound, 13-year-old kitty.

Having adopted from PPCR before we headed to the website to identify our new family members! We knew integration would take time and the plan was to adopt two adorable little orange tabbies (Stewie & Sunkist) Cheshire and Maya. However, while visiting the foster we also started looking at other cats that were available and fell in love with (Queso) Kaci, who was about 8 months old.

Kaci had been in rescue since June 2022. This was the foster’s second kitty that had a very mild case of cerebellar hypoplasia, which affects their motor skills. The larger concern was his extremely poor eyesight. The foster kept him with another kitten for guidance and he was able to learn his surroundings pretty quickly. We, as adopters, were a bit concerned about Kaci; our home is fairly large and we were worried about him being able to build a memory map of the layout, not to mention integrating with our existing critters!  

We did a little research and decided to make the commitment, we knew it would take extra time and effort and were more then willing to do it!  So we took all three, we knew it was the right thing to do.  The kittens, Cheshire & Maya, were crazy fun and Kaci was a little motor boat with his loud purr. Kaci was also very sweet, cuddly, playful and a very handsome boy!

Everyone, especially Kaci, has adapted phenomenally well!  Today Kaci is confident and follows us around the house when he wants pets. If he really wants attention, he will meow and whine at you and then plop himself on the floor at your feet and start purring before you even touch him!  We are so thrilled and blessed to have this special boy as part of our newly formed family!

The effort is well worth it and we learned so much.  If you ever adopt a blind or severely vision impaired critter here are some tips for you:

  • They WILL climb cat towers.  However, you need to make sure your cat towers have wider ledges and landing spots. The nearly vertical 6 ft tall towers with very small edges and climbing poles are a challenge for them to come down and really do not work well.
  • We learned quickly that putting collars with bells on the two kittens and Captain Jack was a requirement for Kaci.  While he initially got along with Maya and Cheshire after about a week he started hissing and swatting – not playing.  The bells solved the problem!  He was being ambushed by them when they were playing!  With the bells not only does he know when they are nearby, he gets to chase and “hunt” them back tracking them via the bells.  His little butt wiggles are adorable!
  • Slow controlled integration with other critters – and slowly opening up more and more of the house over time works best.  With Kiera, the German Shepherd this included putting her on a leash and walking her around the house near and around the cats to help Kaci get used to the noises she makes when walking (claws on hardwood, barking due to excitement, etc.).
  • Kaci used to run into walls when he was playing – to the point he’d seem to stun himself.  That was a key reason to open it up slowly and give him time to learn the layout of each room and area.  Kaci now wanders throughout the house, jumping up on to the barstool, jumping over and onto the kitchen island, then walking around it — including the narrow ledge in front of the sink. When he is through, he gets down using the barstool again. He is totally amazing!
  • Kiera seems to have figured out Kaci is “different” –  Kiera’s steps spooked him initially. Now he sometimes just walks right underneath her and through her legs and Kiera’s head swivels around trying to figure out what just happened. This is actually pretty funny to watch!

Our thoughts on this to others….if you feel a connection with a Hidden Super Star kitty like we did with Kaci….take the plunge, have patience, don’t get discouraged, and give them love! You’ll be amazed at how they will blossom and how special the bond you develop can be! You also have a support system with Purebreds Plus who is always willing to answer questions and provide guidance to help make it successful!


All in all, we are one big happy family!  To close this out we leave you with a video of all of our critters gathered together for cat treats! Yes, even Kiera the 75-pound German Shepherd! Enjoy the video here!