Meet Three Hidden Stars
Meet Three Hidden Stars
Meet Three Hidden Stars

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2018 Hidden Stars, Special Tails

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About Meet Three Hidden Stars

Joey, Tom and Jerry are all in foster care. They are in excellent health and dream of finding a forever home. Many times older kitties are overlooked but they still dream of that day, you know that day;

When they have almost come to the end of their rope,
They would see your face, and they would finally have hope.
You would take them home, give them food and a bed,
And share your own pillow with their poor tired head.
You would snuggle and play and you would talk to them low,
You would love them so dearly; you would want them to know.
They might have lived most of their life with another,
But you would outshine them all with a love so much stronger.
And they would promise to return all the love you could give,
To you, their dear person, for as long as they live.

So maybe you could consider Joey, or Tom and Jerry…they will love you more then you could imagine, if you have it in your heart to adopt an older kitty, or two or three. Here are their stories:

Oh Hi, we’re Tom and Jerry.

Our story is very sad and so hard for us to understand. We lived with an older gentleman in a beautiful Victorian home. We were loved and pampered beyond our wildest dreams.

The gentleman was growing older though and his son moved him to a nursing home. Then, to our surprise, we were thrown outside and left all alone to fend for ourselves. We had always been loved and taken care of! How could this ever happen?

A neighbor actually took to feeding us, thank goodness. Then they called PPCR who came out to get us. We were so very scared and really didn’t feel safe anymore.

We are now in a loving foster home and gradually learning to trust again but it is very hard. We are still very scared; everything is just so new and there are other kitties too – and sometimes they pick on us. What if PPCR does not want us either? Could we actually find a home that would really want us forever?

We would really like to stay together …we know we are older, 11 years old, but we are very healthy and with a little patience and a lot of love we know we can love and learn to trust that special person who really wants us. We know there is someone out there who needs us as much as we need them. Help us mend our broken hearts…so we can love you…we know you can.

Waiting for You
Tom and Jerry

PS. If you want to find out more about adopting us please email PPCR at Please provide your full name and phone number so our foster Mom can call you!

Hello kind human. My name is Joey.

My human Dad passed away and left me by myself. I found myself alone and very afraid. I was shuffled off to a care takers home but it really wasn’t working out. They have a senior girl kitty that was just plain mean to me.

What am I looking for? A loving person…we could snuggle and play and you could love me so dearly. I might have lived most of my life with another but maybe you could outshine them with a love even stronger. I would promise to return all the love I could give as long as I live. Can you make my dream come true? I bet you could… Read More Here


How many of us take those we love for granted? Do you make every day and every minute count those relationships? Sometimes all we need is a reminder to take a closer look at what’s really important. Life is short and we need to realize that the present moment is all we really have, because it can all be gone in the blink of an eye.

In the spirit and love of the holidays we encourage you to consider an older cat. Open your heart and home to these special felines. It will be a heartfelt lesson in life and love…knowing your time with them is limited and consciously making every day count. Giving them love so they know that someone really does care for them, just the way they are. You might even find yourself making each day count with everyone you love as well.

So why not start now, regardless of adopting or not. You will never have this day again….what will you do to make it count?

So what am I really saying? Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue, with all of our volunteers and all of our dedicated supporters, make up a phenomenal village! It is this that allows us to willingly help these “Hidden Stars.”

Warmest Regards,
Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue

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