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2019, Adopted

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About Joey

Born ~2007, M, Russian Blue

Simply put, Joey is one cool cat.

Joey is a calm, intelligent gentleman who enjoys hanging out with his human friends. With his large, green eyes, strong neck and shoulders, and soft dense fur — he’s also quite the handsome fellow.

When he’s not lounging in a sunbeam, you’ll often find Joey swirling around your legs. He can be gently coaxed into your lap and will purr loudly when you rub his neck just right. Joey has the sweetest gruff trill and can be heard quietly vocalizing as he jaunts around the house on patrol.

When it comes to fun, Joey is a Play Monster. His preferred exercise is to race around the room chasing his mouse-on-a-string at breakneck speeds, then rolling on the floor triumphantly when he catches it. Even when you’re tired out, he’ll continue to wrestle with his toys for many minutes.

When Joey is in a feisty mood, he gets a silly toothy grin on his face and he’ll poke at you to join him. He can be quite mischievous when he wants to get your attention at meal time.

Sadly, Joey’s owner passed away unexpectedly earlier this year. The owner’s daughter and family very much wanted to keep Joey, however they have other pet constraints that made this difficult.

Although Joey gets along with other cats and is curious about them, unless they share his laid-back attitude, he’d prefer to have all of your attention in a quiet household.

It takes a conscious decision to adopt an older cat, but it is also very rewarding. Mature cats have complex and well-developed personalities, and they bond strongly with the humans in their lives.

This sweet and active boy would love an adopter who can give him a forever home with lots of human companionship and plenty of play time.

Joey’s owner took great care of him and provided him with regular vet visits. He had a teeth cleaning in June, he’s up-to-date on all of his vaccinations, he’s litter box perfect, and he prefers a particular dry food diet.

Joey is currently fostered in Sunnyvale in the South Bay area.

For more information, please call John at 408-813-6320 or email at jjscats@enyo.comand please fill out an Adoption Application.