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2020, Adopted

Additional Info

About Jinxy

Born ~2012, F, Calico Sphynx 

Oh, hi. I am Jinxy a friendly, curious, middle-aged calico Sphynx. I’m in rescue now because my human got sick and couldn’t take care of me anymore, but people say it won’t be long before I find a wonderful new home. I am here with my brother, Conan. We’re really different, but we love each other (as you can see in some of our photos) and need to be adopted as a pair.

If you don’t know a lot about the Sphynx breed, I have some things to tell you. One of them won’t surprise you at all. Because we have no hair to help us maintain our body heat, we seek out warmth; we love to bask in the sun or cuddle with you under a soft, fluffy blanket. What might be less obvious is that we require regular grooming, not brushing but a weekly bath to clear the oils from our skin and make sure our eyes and ears are clean. We also need regular manicures to clean under our cuticles and wipe and trim our nails.

Now for why you really, really want to meet me. I’m affectionate and playful. I love to explore and play hide and seek with you on my cat tree. I love children and get along with respectful dogs (but I don’t want to live with any other cat, except of course my brother Conan). I’m good about using a scratching post, instead of your furniture, and I’m trained to use the litterbox. And I can play the piano—no, not really, but you can’t say I haven’t tried!

I’ve been screened for HCM and have a healthy heart. I eat wet food; in fact, I have a favorite food my foster mom feeds me. It takes me about an hour to finish my dinner, but people say many cats take much longer than that.

One last thing. For your convenience, my foster mom has me on her Healthy Paws health insurance policy, which is transferable. She will give you details…Just in case you’re interested.

Now go read my brother Conan’s bio, and contact my foster mom Elsie if you want more information about us.

Contact: Elsie (530)320-7260, Jinxy’s foster in Dixon, CA. You can also fill out an adoption application and mention Jinxy.