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2016, Adopted

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About Jasper

Adopted by Sofia

Born ~June 21, 2015, Male, Silver Tabby Van Persian

This big glorious Persian boy is an armful of loving. He’s got a stunning doll face and the most luxurious coat you will ever see on a Persian. His eyes are low maintenance, although they will require a daily washing; his coat is going to require daily combing to keep him in his spectacular form.

Jasper is a bit of a bully; he grew up with a harem of 8 lovely females and he thinks he’s king of all that he surveys. For that reason, we will not be placing him with other male cats and he would be ideal as an only cat. He seems to be getting used to the small dog in his foster home but he’s not exactly thrilled. He’s a confident boy; he got to his foster home, asked to come out of his “safe zone.” He then proceeded to make himself right at home by flopping himself on his back on the floor. He looks a little “ratty” right now because we had to comb out some mats. Once his coat grows back in and he’s had a bath … he’s going to be a show stopper.

Jasper has been around well-behaved children and is confident enough to be around other nice kids. He’d also revel in an adult’s only atmosphere where he can serve as a decoration for the admiration of friends and family when they come to visit. Truly, he is glorious.

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