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2016, Adopted

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About Himi

Adopted by Melanie and George

Born June 2012, Male, Himalayan-Siamese Mix, Front Paw Declawed

Big, Wonderful Things Can Come in Small Packages. Himi is a miniscule male seal point Himalayan Persian mix. He barely tips the scale at 5-6 lb depending on how much fur he has. He was rescued from a city street – a starving, flea ridden, painfully thin little cat eating from a dumpster. Put in a public shelter, he had little hope of adoption until he was rescued by Purebreds Plus and put in foster care for recovery and evaluation. The biggest questions being: how did such a charming little cat come to be a starving stray in a dumpster and what could we do to help him to find a great, forever home?

Himi, from the front, is a flat face (peke face) Persian Himalayan. He has big blue eyes and a cute brown button nose. His nose works just fine. He has none of the nose, eye or teeth problems that can occur with flat face Persians. No sniffles or daily eye cleaning for him – Himi can take of himself. He also has curly whiskers on one side that add to his rakish charm. His body is slender as a Siamese. His fur is not quite Persian. He does not mat unless he gets into something (like food or water). He loves being brushed. His colors are seal point. His front paws are declawed. Recently, his chest and belly were shaved to remove the last of his “on the street” mats, and to give him a fresh start. Routine care will prevent further mats. He now eats with a bib – since as with any flat face Persian a good portion of his meal (through no fault on his part) ends upon on his chest. He is happy for any help he can get in post meal clean up.

Himi knows and enjoys the comfort of living in a home with people. He is bright, active, engaging, and lots of fun. He had a very good home for quite some time. His energy level is higher than many Persians. His enthusiasm for life is amazing. He particularly loves women, and melts into an absolute cuddle bun in their arms. He also likes to hang around and play with men. Sometimes when he is sleeping you can tell he is dreaming about the good home he had once and the good home that he hopes is in his future. He always will be a sweet, loving, sometimes silly little cat. The perfect pet – but. . .

Himi must a solo pet – no other cats or dogs in the home. Not now, nor in the future, no exceptions please. In several foster situations, Himi proved himself to be a great pretender. To get a home, he will act like cats are no problem, dogs are no problem, nothing is a problem. But this suddenly can and will change. He will, without warning become a little screaming ball of fur to convince the other cat or dog to vacate the premises. The recipient of Himi’s aggressive fit first reacts in disbelief — this tiny little cat, this pip squeak, is challenging me? How silly!! But when Himi keeps coming, the dog or cat will take off for safer ground. Fortunately, Himi is all bark and no bite – with his tiny little mouth and lack of claws no one gets hurt.

He never redirects his aggression towards a person (after all – they are the solution, not the problem). But in the case of dogs and cats, he never stops once he starts until the other animal is gone or he is rehomed. Standard pet introduction procedures such as segregating him in a separate room do not work. In fact, they will make things worse when the Himi howl begins. He hates being locked up when other pets are in the house. Surprisingly he has no problem when he is the only pet – so you can confine him to a single room when you are gone. But otherwise, the amazingly loud, piercing noise he makes when locked away confirms his Siamese heritage.

The Simplest Answer Is the Correct Answer. Himi’s problem is simple – he became over-competitive to survive. Whatever put him on street included a situation involving major competition for food, attention and care and being locked upon alone when he complained. If he is around other animals, he becomes food driven and territorial.

Once he knows he is the only pet in the house, he quickly relaxes, lives, and loves large, eats slowly and less often, and proves to his human(s) that he is all the cat they need or possibly could want. To him, everything is wonderful as an only pet.

All Himi needs is a chance, the right situation, and a dose of understanding. His perfect home is as a solo pet – it can be with a single person, or a couple or family who can appreciate what an amazing character and loving cat he is. NO CHILDREN PLEASE. And as thanks for your understanding he will cover you with kitty kisses and purr in your ear, follow you like a dog and be the best cat there ever was.

Himi is neutered, current on vaccinations, tests negative for Felv and FIV, has been treated for fleas and worms and is microchipped. He eats wet and dry food, but his favorite is wet food. His teeth have been cleaned. His front paws are declawed. He is litter box perfect.

Previous flat face Persian or Himalayan experience is required, but working with a Persian expert to learn the elements of care can be substituted. Meeting with Himi and his foster Mom prior to adoption is necessary. Himi would love a home for the holidays.

His foster mom is Diane in Sacramento.

If you would like more information about Himi, please contact Diane at dwhuygen@outlook.com or (650) 380-5532 or send an Adoption Application.