Hershey The Ragamuffin Mix
Hershey The Ragamuffin Mix
Hershey The Ragamuffin Mix
Hershey The Ragamuffin Mix
Hershey The Ragamuffin Mix

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“Hi, my name is Hershey.. I’m a gorgeous rich chocolate, female, Ragamuffin Mix and I am a young 2 years old. My world was turned upside down a while ago when I found myself in a shelter. I have something wrong with my nose and it makes it really hard for me to breathe. The shelter gave me this yucky medicine that was supposed to help me. After a couple days I could breathe better but really could not play or run around much. Bummer. They also shaved the matted areas on my coat. Thank goodness, it feels so much better now!

Somehow, maybe via some cat magic, PPCR found out about me. I was adopted from them when I was just a kitten and they took me back as soon as they knew I was there. I was really glad because the shelter is not a happy place for us cats. My new foster Mom came and got me. The medicine was not really helping me at all so I was really hopeful she could do something for me. I was snorting like a little piglet almost all the time.

I was kept at the shelter for about 5 days before being released to PPCR. That’s when they contacted her new foster mom and I was taken to Oakland, CA with a few doses of the Clavamox amongst my things. My foster mom was under the impression that I just had a little wheezing and it would go away soon with help of the medication.

But after being there for a while, my foster mom decided we really needed to go back to the vet and I am really glad, even though I don’t like being poked and prodded; this whole breathing thing was getting old. They gave me some new medicine and ran a test to see if it was a bacterial infection. Well at least that was negative.

My foster mom did give me all the medicine but I still could not breathe any better. So, I got to go to yet another vet, this time a specialist. This vet diagnosed me as having nasopharyngeal stenosis…big words but basically my nose passageways were very small. She immediately performed a balloon dilation procedure..

This balloon dilation seemed to help. It opened up my nasal passages to about 80%. Wow, air was coming in and no more funny noises! I also got, yup, another medication to help prevent re-inflammation. I was so hopeful that this would be the end of it! But it was just not meant to be…about 6 days later I started snorting again, and it really is very un-ladylike!

The vet was not surprised to see me again. They stuck another balloon in my nose and put in a temporary stint, I guess it’s to help keep it open and not close back up. I have to wait another 3 weeks, take my meds and then go back again. The vet will then take out the stint at that time. And I will have to wait to see if I turn into a piglet again.

I also know if it doesn’t work they will put in a permanent stint. I sure hope this works I really do not want a piece of metal in my nose. I guess if it means I can breathe normally I’ll need to do it. You will help me …right?

I really am still a very happy and very lucky kitty to find myself back with PPCR. I love to cuddle and nuzzle and love it when we have company! More people to pay attention to me! I can’t get enough petting from my foster Mom and all her friends. And if you swing that mouse around I got it! I love my mice. .I like being brushed and will follow my foster Mom everywhere! I hope once I am all better I can find someone who will love me…forever this time.”

We believe Hershey is well worth the effort and we want to do everything we can so she has a normal life. So, with love and hope in our hearts, we ask for your help to cover the costs for this special girl’s medical condition. You are always there when our cats need you, and Hershey needs you. Can you please take a moment and do a little something that will make a huge difference for her? You know what she needs. Can you help?

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