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Celebrate, Celebrate 2016

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About Freddie

Hubby and I talked and worried and watched Freddie as he developed from a seriously terrified 1 y/o kitten. He was saved in Nov of last year when he had just managed to collect the ” big 3 strikes” against him and was going to be euthanized. NONE of his ‘infractions’ were of his making. Let’s just say that mistakes were made and Freddie was going to pay the ultimate price.

We had asked about him twice before and was told that he was already adopted so when we walked in to the the shelter that Saturday morning we were shocked to hear that he was back. They told me his story and said that ‘sadly he was going to be put down’. Another look at the gorgeous perfectly colored Ragdoll kitten and we said “NO! We will take him” . I am not sure what I expected, I just knew that he did not need to die that day!

I don’t think I have ever seen so much fear in any living thing. He was curled so small into the back of his shelter cage; if he could he would have made himself invisible. When we got him home he actually lived under the bed in the guest room for 5 weeks all by himself. When nothing I did helped Freddie I finally sent in my reinforcements. A tiny 7lb red Persian foster named Beauregard who made a bee-line to him and 20 heart stopping minutes later out into the dining room came a big Ragdoll kitty walking beside a tiny red Persian. You could almost hear Beau saying, ‘see bud, it’s cool, I got your back” !

Then came learning to be petted, playing, eating with the others…. then Beaurgard was adopted and Creamie (now Magoo) stepped in and washed his face in the morning and shared his dinner with him. Freddie learned to wash faces …now everyone starts the day with them. So, 2 days ago we began to write his bio. We were literally minutes away from posting him and the magic happened for this lovely kitty. The perfect prospective adopter called and things began to change for Freddie. After so much fear and change there was a new family in his future. A future with a new Ragdoll fur friend named CAT….. and two lovely people who are prepared to let him unfold and blossom with his very own family.