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2020, Adopted

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About Frank

Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue is helping facilitate the adoption of this cat though our owner placement program.  We take no responsibility for the health and medical records of this cat.  It is the responsibility of the owner and adopter to discuss this.  Frank is NOT in a Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue foster home, but residing with her current owner in Placerville, CA. Find out more about our Owner Placement Program.

Adopted by Greg, Gina & Family

Standard Adoption Fee Applies: $175

Frank is a very healthy 7 year old super sweet guy.  He has had a Vet check with complete exams within the last 4 months including bloodwork, and is up to date on vaccinations . You might have noticed right away Frank’s right eye has healed from an injury.  Frank had lived next to a feral cat colony and there were some tough territorial cats.  Frank is friendly toward other cats and is not aggressive.   An encounter with one of the aggressive colony cats caused this injury.  Thank goodness he did not contract any communicable cat diseases, all tests are negative.  Frankie, as he is affectionately called,  is now enjoying being indoors, and will stay inside even when a door is open.  He is a good eater and Litter box perfect.

Frank’s current owner/foster  is a Vet Tech for the emergency Veterinary Clinic  where he was treated and says this about him:  “Frankie is a small male neutered Siamese kitty that I acquired about 2 months ago ( May 2020). I typically do not foster adult cats but once I met him I had to make an exception. Frankie is super affectionate, he loves his dog bed and laying in the sun and lives for having pets on his cheeks. Although he is shy in new places and with new people, he comes around pretty fast.  A soon as he knows he is safe and he’s going to get loved on,  he comes right out.  I am super excited to help Frankie find a new forever home.   He is super sweet and wonderful, I work at a clinic and the owner just didn’t want to pay the bills needed to help him, so they surrendered him.  I adopted him so that I could pay the bills and find a great home for him. He’s a sweetheart, has been an outside cat but he seems like he wants to be inside. He has been in my foster room and has been using his litter box 100%.

Some information about Frankie is he is 9.9 lbs, has been awesome with his litter box and hasn’t had any accidents since I’ve had him, my family has noticed that he really doesn’t paw at the furniture at all.  He seems to really like other cats and I think he would enjoy having a buddy. He also really seems to enjoy kids, I’ve had young cousins and siblings over and he always goes up to them before an adult. Before I got Frankie the owner said he was kept strictly outside but he seems to much rather be inside then out. Once he knows you, he comes right up and rubs his body on your ankles and rolls over into his back for pets. Frankie,  like all Siamese does talk, he hasn’t yet really tried to make conversation but he does “call” for you. If you aren’t paying attention to him sometimes he will call and try and get some attention. He really wants to be an all indoor kitty that gets lots of loves.” 

Are you the the Perfect adopter for Frank?   If he hasn’t already melted your heart,  he surely will when he is yours.  If you are  home most of the time, would love to play with him giving give him loads of attention, the run of the house and freedom to play in an indoor environment you would make him the happiest cat in the world.   He now prefers being indoors only and just wants to be loved and give love back.  He would be a great family cat, a good companion with the proper introduction to a friendly cat, and likes kids.  We don’t know how he would be with a dog.

Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue is dedicated to matching Frank with qualified adopters that fit the owner’s desire for the ideal forever home, and will cherish him for the beautiful, loving, interactive cat that he is.   If you believe you are the perfect adopter for Frank,  please tell us why in the comment section of our website Adoption Application and contact Pam,  our volunteer Owner Placement Program Coordinator, by email: or call/text at 541-290-8408.