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About Finn

In the Fall of 2015, Finn showed up as a hungry stray at a lady’s house in Winters. She offered him food and a bed on her porch, but she couldn’t keep him. She contacted PPCR and we found him a foster home. Finn may have been feral for a couple of years; a layer of grit could be felt underneath his fur. He had a bath and his nails clipped in time for New Year’s Eve. A slow integration was expected due to his extensive time in the wild, but Finn quickly exhibited interest in his foster cat brothers. Within days he felt comfortable and safe, purring loudly and even allowing himself to be picked up briefly by his human caretakers. Finn’s abandonment to the streets had a negative impact on his dental hygiene. Finn received a dental cleaning and a clean bill of health before he was available for adoption.

A shy cat when he arrived, Finn left much more social. According to his adopter, Finn is definitely a cat lover. He often provokes his new brother, Dylan, to play. Curious and smart, his adopted wrote, “He opens cabinets and can jump really high and probably windows are his favorite thing. Next week is our 3 month anniversary. We have come a long way together and I suspect there is more to come.”