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Update 8/15/17: Fauna had her procedure and come home on 8/11/17. She did have an obstruction in her esophagus. She was not a good candidate for surgery. The doctors passed feeding tubes until it was snug. They then scoped her and found the lesion. At this point they believe it has been scraped off. So far we are cautiously optimistic for this little girl. Right now she is still on formula, to give her the best opportunity to heal that esophageal erosion without anything that may encourage scarring. She is on antacid and sucralfate to protect the healing tissues. They determined they would let it heal and do a check Wednesday 8/16/17 to ensure it is healing well. Stay tuned for more updates!

Fauna is one of three adorable calico sisters. Fauna has had trouble holding down solid foods. She chokes and immediately regurgitates. Once we realized what was going on and started giving her more formula she gained some weight and seemed more energetic. She is a mellow kitten who likes nothing better than to snuggle in a lap. She patiently waits while her foster parents feed the rest of the kittens and then follows her foster Mom to the table where she climbs in her lap so she can put her front paws on the table and drink her bowl of kitten formula. This is really the only thing she can keep down with regularity.

Despite this, she is a happy baby who loves to be loved. She plays with crinkle balls and tries to keep up with her sisters but they are so much bigger and faster that she just can’t do it. She doesn’t seem to mind, she just focuses her energy on her people. She loves to be held and has always got a loud rumbling purr for anyone who will let her on their lap. Fauna even goes to the vet office with her foster Mom everyday.

The foster Mom had several of the veterinarians she works with examine her and watch her as she ate and then immediately started choking and regurgitated. They recommended she have an internal medicine specialist evaluate her as soon as possible and do a swallow study, which she did on Monday July 17th.

What’s Wrong? This precious little girl Fauna has an esophageal stricture. The cause and size of the stricture will actually determine the cost. We really won’t know the details until after the CT Scan. The goal is to do whatever is needed immediately after the CT Scan. The two options are:

  • A CT plus endoscopic expansion with a balloon to correct it.
  • A CT plus surgical repair.

We need to raise $7000 to cover these options and the supportive care associated with the options.

Fauna is such a sweet-natured, joyful and loving little girl that we are asking you to help us save this cute as a button girl. You have always been there for these special kittens, lending a helping hand and the support needed to save them. You can make a huge difference to this little girl. All Fauna wants is a normal life with a loving home. Please help us give this little girl the life she deserves. Your compassion and support always makes the difference. Thank you from the bottom of our heart for always being there when we need you.


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