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2014 Christmas, Special Tails

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Part 1: Road Trip

“Hello, I am writing from the Klamath Animal Shelter. We have a four year old neutered super sweet Persian Cat that needs rescue. Wondering if you are interested. Attached are pictures.” This is how the appeal to Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue often begins. Breaks our hearts every time. However, from the held back tears and emotions, a dynamo of energy blossoms. The emails flow and PPCR volunteers far and near respond. Our Transportation Coordinator spreads the word. Fortunately, a foster is available. A large proportion of rescues are from shelters that seek our assistance with beautiful but forlorn purebreds that have special care requirements and quickly fail under shelter conditions, even with the best of efforts.

Elton’s shelter is an exceptional 6 hour drive distance from the Bay Area. This was the perfect opportunity to take a great road trip up north. Driving by Mt. Shasta was spectacular and seeing the water deprived Shasta Reservoir was startling. Going through the small town of Weed just after its destructive fire brought thoughts of families and pets trying to recover. Yikes, next time make motel reservations as even on a Thursday night rooms are taken.

At 8:30 a.m. sharp Friday morning our Transportation Coordinator (TC for short) arrives at the shelter to pick up Elton. It isn’t always the TC himself who makes these trips. We are grateful to all the volunteers who take these journeys, or sometimes one leg of a long journey across the state, sometimes even across state lines. Thanks for all the time, gas, and love that go into getting kitties safely into foster care.

Most shelters these days are staffed by caring groups of individuals and volunteers who provide loving attention to the animals in their charge. There is Elton in a deluxe carrier, all set to go. What a sweetheart, just asking to be hugged even as he was placed in the car. So hard to resist not having one hand in the carrier to give him security but a ‘No No’, as safe driving and full attention to the road are a requirement. Three hours down the road before Redding, the TC takes a rest stop for himself and Elton to check his water etc. Upon return to the car, what do you know! There is Elton purring, saying ‘Glad You’re Back!’ The TC finally gets his joyful huggies from Elton when they arrive at the foster’s house and remove this cute guy from the carrier. Makes the whole trip worthwhile!!! OMG, poor Elton, you are a matted mess now that I see you clearly.

This is where the real story begins, with his foster. Fosters are the backbone of PPCR! They attend to medical, social, daily grooming and activity that all prepare a kitty to go to its best suitable ‘Forever Home’.

Part 2: Settling In

When Elton arrived and came out of his carrier, we could see what horrible shape he was in. His mats were at least 3 inches thick all over his body, and he could barely walk! Elton’s foster mom immediately called her trusted local vet, who had her bring Elton in right away for a shave. Elton just loved it and purred the entire time. An hour and a half later, he was much more presentable and of course more comfortable too.

Kitties coming from shelters are prone to getting sick from germs picked up environments where there are many cats (just as people can pick up illnesses in hospitals, no matter how good the cleaning protocols are), so they have to be isolated when they arrive in a foster home, for their safety and that of the resident kitties. Thank goodness, Elton did not get sick and was out of isolation soon. On his first night out, he promptly climbed into bed with his foster mom and nuzzled his way under the covers to cuddle. He is such a sweet little boy!

He wasn’t too fond of other kitties at first, but he learned to tolerate them. He also had no problem keeping the dog off of the couch when he was on it–a hiss and a swat worked very well, even though the dog is huge and Elton is a little fellow — at least until the dog learned she could jump up and just sit on him. Now they share the couch.

Elton always was cuddly, but in foster care his purrsonality has really developed. Now he is a goofy, fun loving guy who loves toys so much that he will pull all of the toys out of the basket. He also likes to look at his foster mom straight on; in fact, if his foster mom lies on the couch, Elton will sit in front of her and cock his head to the side–so cute!

Elton is finally ready for his furrever home. He’s come a long way! At the time of this writing/ Elton is still available for a wonderful holiday forever home. So if you might be interested check the Persian page to see if Elton is still available.