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2017, Adopted

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About Elsa

5-Year-Old, F, Long-Haired, All-White Persian

Beautiful Elsa is a 5-year-old, female, long-haired, all-white, gorgeous Persian. She is declawed.

There is a wonderful story that always reminds me of Beautiful Elsa. Remember the story of Pooh Bear and Piglet?

At the very end of the story they are walking up the hill to 100 Acre Wood after an adventure and Piglet asks Pooh, ” Everything will be alright now, won’t it Pooh?” They have just come from an exciting adventure probably involving honey and something scary but now they are hand in hand going back to Pooh’s tree house where it is safe and warm.

If you read Beautiful Elsa’s story from the 12 Saves of Christmas, you know that her adventure was long and difficult. Briefly, she was a gorgeous breeder girl who had lived her life entirely in a cage where she had many beautiful kittens. When she was no longer wanted the worst happened; she was put outside and left to fend for herself. Can you imagine, a pure white, declawed Persian, with soft golden eyes, a little 7 lb. fluffy treasure being out on her own so totally unequipped to deal with the world? When she was found, she was very hungry, severely underweight, and her long soft white fur was terribly matted. Her eyes were completely crusted shut so she blindly walked straight into traffic, and she was hit by a car. She has spent all of last year healing and learning to jump and play and what laps and families are all about. It is only her eyes that show the results of the accident. One has perfect sight and speaks volumes when she cuddles and looks up at you. As for the other, she has lost some of her vision. Her Doctor tells us that her eye is healthy but she sees things as though she is under water. Her wounds have healed; the bones have mended and her rehab is finished. Her trust of humans is building by leaps and bounds. She can now run with the best of them and jump just as high, so she has completely healed physically. Her world has changed completely to toys, laps, cuddles, lots of running mixed with love and lots of kisses.

And what to say about her lovely white floof? What is floof, you ask? It is a Persian kitty fur that is long and perfect and silky. Fur, that when you brush or comb it, fluffs her out like a dandelion in the summer. She is perfect!

She is also the quietest little girl I have ever had. Her purr is soft, her voice is soft, her fur is soft and her personality is soft and gentle. She is just amazingly beautiful. She loves to play, with a string, the dreaded red dot or the feathers, anything will do. “Please play with me”, she asks.

And as she snuggles into your arms and looks up, you can just hear her asking, “Everything will be alright now, won’t it?” You will be able to smile and say, “Yes, it will little girl. Yes, it will”. Then she is off your lap saying, “let’s play and run, come on……”!! It must feel so good to be healed and well again. Her zest for life is infectious.

Elsa is a special needs kitty because of her sight. She MUST be an indoor only kitty. She is litter box perfect, loves wet and dry food. Elsa would love to be an only kitty but if you have an elderly non- dominant fur-friend for her that would be fine. No dogs or little children please.

Her Foster parents are Lee and Eric Kempter. Contact Lee and Eric at 925-934-3199 or email: Lee@Oceanbluff.com if you have questions, or send an Adoption Application. If you are unable to reach Lee and Eric, please email us at Info@purebredsplus.org.

Please read her 12 Saves of Christmas story here:


” We made a wish and you came true” Pooh said to Christopher Robin (or maybe it was Elsa that said that to us).