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2018, Adopted

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About Eli

Adopted by Kathy

2 1/2 Year Old, M, Flamepoint Ragdoll

Eli is a beautiful male flamepoint Ragdoll mix that we picked up at the Sacramento shelter and don’t know much else about his history before that. He was very scared when he came home and spent the first week hiding and adjusting to his new surroundings. He still can be frightened with some sudden movements but is on his way to being a confident cat!

Eli is very loving, curious and playful and is always up to play. He loves playing with the lasers, toy mice, and feather wands. He can’t get enough play time! Eli also loves attention and is vocal to let his foster mom know its time to play or to be cuddled. He would love to be with a family who can engage with him and stimulate his curious nature.

He loves to snuggle constantly with his foster mom and will enjoy a home where he can sleep near his owners and cuddle with them. He will lay in your lap or near you, purring as you pet him. He is such a wonderful and adoring companion and deserves to find a family to share his love.

He is very loyal and would fit best in a household where he is the only cat and will get plenty of attention and love. I do not know how he will be with dogs.

He is currently being fostered in Roseville, CA.

For more information, please feel free to text or contact Katie at 805-252-5846 or send an Adoption Application.