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2016, Adopted

Additional Info

About Ebony

Born May 3, 2015, Male, Ebony Siberian

Ebony is a handsome and lovely boy. Of all the Siberian kitties at his foster mom’s place, he has turned out to be the biggest play monster. Actually his favorite playmate is his oh so lovely sister Trixie. They love to chase each other, and as the big brother, he takes his guardianship of his little sister very serious.

Ebony and Trixie were rescued from a breeder who contacted our organization for assistance. Although the breeder clearly loved these kitties very much, she also realized they needed to be socialized before they were ready for adoption. Trusting our organization’s reputation and the fact that we had foster space available, she asked us to take them in and find them forever homes.

Ebony is a curious boy. One of his favorite things to do is look out the window and observe all the things that go on outside. He is getting used to the loving pets his foster mom likes to give him. He has made quite some strides from the absolutely horrified and scared boy he was when he came into rescue.

Please don’t expect a lap cat when adopting Ebony. He may never become one, or he may unexpectedly become one once he has had ample time to settle in and feel secure in his new home…one never knows with felines. It is always important to let kitties approach their humans on their own terms – they instinctively know when the timing is right for them, and as loving kitty parents we need to honor their instincts.

Ebony will need to be adopted with his adorable sister Trixie. These two are a bonded pair and will enjoy a lifetime of harmonious kitty companionship. They also get along splendidly with the gentle resident cats, so we would expect they should do well in a multi-cat household after proper introductions.

Ebony will come to you neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.

He eats both wet and dry food and is litterbox perfect.

Ebony is fostered in the Elk Grove area.

Contact Nancy at (916) 761-1929 or at gogirlnancy0517@gmail.com or send an Adoption Application. If you are unable to reach Nancy, email us at Info@purebredsplus.org