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2022 Holiday Rescues, Special Tails

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  • The Sweetest Girl...

About Dori

The Sweetest Girl…

Hi there!  I’ve been told I am sweetest kitten ever. I am a total lap kitty and love it when I can love you and you love me! It’s heaven! And the toys and climbing things! I never knew life could be so much fun! And my foster Mom is so great! I know I am safe and sound with her.

I had it really rough when I was little. I had a really bad eye infection when I was a baby before PPCR found me. The vet I saw with PPCR said because it was not treated, I have a cloud over one eye.  To top it all off in my other eye the third eyelid…I never know I had 3 eyelids until the vet told my foster Mom…sorry I digress. My other eye has a problem with that eyelid. It keeps closing at all times and covers the eyeball and I can’t see. The vet believes that without surgery it will eventually adhere to my eyeball and I will be blind. The official name for what I have is Symblepharon and it is the formation of adhesion of the eyelid to the cornea that causes blindness.  They are going to remove just that third eyelid…not sure why I need three anyway?! Honestly, I don’t see that great anyway…and it does not slow me down at all! 

I have an appointment for December 21st to have that pesky eyelid removed. The cost for this is ~$600 and then I will be as good as new!  If you can help would so appreciate you! I’m a little bit scared but I know I will come through with flying colors and be ready for my forever home!  I will be looking for a very special someone to love me forever. I have so much love to give and will also keep you smiling with my antics. Are you looking for someone like me?

You wonderful folks, make it possible for us to take in kittens and cats like Dori in and provide her with the needed medical help and loving care she is in dire need of. We always need your help for situations just like this. You our supporters are always there for use. We are forever grateful for the kindness and compassion.