Daisy Dew
Daisy Dew
Daisy Dew
Daisy Dew

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2017, Adopted

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About Daisy Dew

3-4 Year-Old, F, Golden-Eyed, All White Persian

Daisy Dew is a 3-4 year-old, female, golden eyed, all white Persian. She is deaf and declawed. Daisy is a special needs kitty.

You know we are always curious about the stories of our lovely kitties when they come into rescue. We usually do not know very much about them. Well amazingly this time we know almost all of it. You may remember Daisy’s biggest story in November of last year when she needed extremely delicate surgery on her mouth and face that saved her life. What she went through is worth your time to read, it will help you understand her better and why she needs a special family to love her and help her blossom. Her story is under Donations on our website.

Daisy Dew is a tiny purebred girl that was deaf at birth. She was purchased as a companion kitty to an elderly bedridden gentleman. Her job was to be tiny, soft and to cuddle, so she did not accidentally hurt him, she was declawed while very young. Daisy has not had the usual fun-young-kitten life of playing with strings and toys, or running with fur-friends. Being deaf gave her many problems, the worst were those darn big human feet that she could not hear coming. She was always in the way and not able to hear when someone said ‘move, Daisy’ and people were not always gentle when asking either. Because she was so tiny those big feet would ‘help’ her out of the way. That usually was not fun! She wanted to be good but just could not figure it out.

She has lots to learn and now is the perfect time for her to do exactly that. When she came to us she immediately had her emergency surgery and for the first time in her whole life she was out of pain, true constant physical pain. She is learning that warm hands cuddle and pet and give treats and not just for pushing her around. Those hands give back rubs and scratch in that place under the chin that she can’t get, and actually they are pretty nice after all!!

Daisy loves to play with the laser light, she runs and jumps to catch feather toys and skids across the kitchen floor when she zooms through the house, (I think she does it on purpose)! She wants to play alone however; she has not decided that she wants to make friends with the other kitties in the house. She is working on it though and it will not be too long before she makes a real friend. Daisy had never been around other kitties before I got her so she was not entirely certain what they were!! She has come such a long way in her quiet world, trusting more and more with the constant pain gone that limited her world. It will be such a joy to watch her grow and progress. If you have experience with deaf kitties, you will be given preference in adopting her. You will understand that she can be startled easily and that she will not hear you coming. She is also declawed so she cannot defend herself, she will need you to watch over her. It will take time to build her trust with you but it will be worth every second you put into her care. Her greatest joy in the world at the moment is sitting in the window letting the warm sun wrap around her and watching the humming birds.

Daisy is a special needs kitty because she is deaf. Preference will be given to those who have worked with and loved deaf kitties in the past. She MUST be an indoor only kitty. She would not mind having a gentle non-dominant fur-friend but will also do well as an only kitty. No dogs or small children please.

Daisy loves wet and dry food, treats and tuna fish!!! She is litter box perfect.

Her Foster parents are Lee and Eric Kempter. Contact Lee and Eric at 925-934-3199 or email: Lee@Oceanbluff.com if you have questions, or send an Adoption Application. If you are unable to reach Lee and Eric, please email us at Info@purebredsplus.org.

Please read Daisy’s story on our website.