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GOAL MET! Thank you for all that donated!

Update 12/9/16: Daisy was given a clean bill of health this afternoon by her surgeon. He said that her surgery sites look good and are basically healed and that these episodes will not happen again. We discussed how painful this had been for her and the enormous danger to her life this condition was; and now it is over! He gave her a cuddle and said it was time for a forever home and a wonderful, pain free life and we definitely agree. We are all absolutely delighted!

You, our wonderful supporters made this possible. Thank you all that sent Daisy the
special healing energy and good thoughts that she so needed. Daisy says thank you to all with lots of purrs.

Update 12/6/16: For those of you that are following our little Daisy’s medical adventures I thought I would give you an update. Today is post op day #8. She has an incision check this Friday, the 9th, and will see her surgeon for the last time. The new pictures showing the incision are graphic but NOT bad!

The darkness that you see is surface bruising. A few shadows but mostly bruising. No clots inside her mouth near her incision or on her cheek. She is healing beautifully. Remember the small space they had to work in (the size of a dime) and the importance of moving all of the blood vessels, nerves, muscles and tendons out of the way as they slipped an instrument into just the right place and filed the bones smooth. (Yes, the instrument looks like and is called a file). They needed to take just a small amount of bone off both the top (orbital bone area) and the bottom (the TMJ) so that the bones would glide over one another for the rest of her life without obstruction. But not too much so as to make her mouth crooked. It was important that as they worked carefully everything had to stay out of the way so a small amount of pressure had to be applied. We know that her Doctor was careful and gentle because there really is only a small amount of bruising and she has complete sensation around the cheek and mouth, so the nerves were not compromised in any way. And notice that there is no swelling. None, even on her first day post op. Talk about delicate surgery!!

She is allowing us to touch and stroke both cheeks. Something she had never done before, even before her last episode. They must have been terribly sore.

Our little girl can look forward to taking care of a new family in the next few months and no more pain. Even in her silent world things are much better! She received lots of “Get Well Soon” emails from all of you and says “Thanks.” She had me read every single one to her!


11/13/16: WARNING: Graphic video. Shows Daisy struggling to breath. Her coat looks dirty because of the drool coming from her mouth. She is in distress and pain as she cannot close her mouth.

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Hi my name is Daisy and I need your help! All I did was wake up from a cozy nap and yawn when suddenly I was not able to close my mouth! It was stuck open with my tongue sticking out and I was drooling everywhere my lovely face and front was dripping leaving little puddles on the floor. My whole face and jaw hurt like I had swallowed fire! I could not even cry out for help. Nothing I did would make it better. I could not drink water or eat and it was very hard to breathe. I was getting exhausted just trying and I was so very frightened. I managed to get from my bed to my foster Dad and he went into action. Lots of calls to my favorite vet but all I could understand was that my face was hurting, my mouth felt like it was burning up and my tongue was hanging out and I was drooling so much saliva! But mostly I was scared, really scared.

The thing that Daisy did not tell you is that she is deaf and has been since birth. So she had to deal with all of this from her own quiet world. We cannot imagine what her fear must have been like. But we were very lucky yesterday. As happens so often in rescue when emergencies happen people come together, people make time in their busy schedules to help and as we say we were lucky! Daisy’s Doctor was able to see that her little front teeth were not directly over one another and realized that her jaw had become not only dislocated but the edge of the jaw bone (the TMJ) was caught on another bone along the bottom of her eye socket. It would not ever have become dislodged on its own. As we say, this time we were lucky. He was able to use his thumb to get into her mouth, hold her bottom jaw and with Daisy flailing and screaming the bone grated back into position. Remember there are two TMJ’s, a right and a left, either side could have been the problem area this time or next time. The worst part is that it can happen again at any time, tonight, tomorrow or 2 months from now. All she has to do is yawn or open her mouth really wide. If it happens when she is alone or at night with no one to hear her she could die. Daisy is only 3 years old and tiny …7 lbs 4 oz. The surgery that she needs is an incision and specialized scrapping of the both the TMJ and the orbital bone so that there is enough space between then that they glide by one another. This is a very rare condition. Our vet says that in his whole practice he has seen one and there are only a few written up in the literature. After much research we found that this had actually happened to her once before but was not disclosed at the time of her surrender. So, in her 3 years of life she has gone through this twice.

This surgery will be long and complicated and needs to be done by very skilled board certified veterinarians and can be very expensive. She will need to stay in the hospital from 2-3 days. Daisy really would really appreciate any donations that you can make for her. She sends you purrs and cuddles as her thank you. The estimated cost for this surgery is $5000. You can make a difference for Daisy. Please give now to help this precious little girl.

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