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2020, Adopted

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About Cristabelle

Adopted by Priscilla P.


Happy adoption today
So many folks are interested in my kitten Amelia. I sent a photo of new 1 yr old Cristabelle  to someone who inquired about Amelia recently. “How about this beautiful little kitty?” I said. Priscilla P. said Yes! immediately, she applied, and ended up coming this evening with her fiancée to adopt her. Cristabelle flirted with them and showed what a happy, playful, affectionate girl she was. Home she went.
Cristabelle was rescued from a So Cal shelter that was closing and planned to euthanize all their animals on 3/27. A hard working rescue  went in and took all they could. Some were sent up here. 
Happy home for Cristabelle and the two young chemists who adopted her. This couple will always remember the year of COVID 19 when they brought this little treasure into their lives.