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2020, Adopted

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About Cleo

Adopted by Carol & Doug

This girl is an elegant and agile seal point Siamese beauty who came into our lives after several chaotic transitions. Her name befits her stature and dramatic markings, as a one year old kitten-soon-to-be cat of the exotic group. Cleo is stunning in looks and demanding in character; she knows this, but has needed an adjustment period to begin to bloom and shower us with her affection and demands, like playtime and people time, and exploration. From life as a stray to home life with a family, another cat and dog and children, she was surrendered to a humane shelter when her family experienced difficulties at the start of COVID 19; then, the shelter suddenly closed and Cleo came to us scared, shy, and tentative. But today, in less than a month, a young affectionate girl cat takes her place in our home and our hearts. Her future and yours will be sublime! She is ready to show you her world of love, attachment, athletic prowess, inquisitive nature, and chat-ability!

In the few short months of her new life, everything has been tentative and that has provided Cleo with the skills to adapt, and she has done so. But, Cleo deserves stability and attention for her stellar mind, body, and development as a lifelong companion. Of course, she is shy with strangers, but with a slow introduction and maybe her favorite fish toy, she will start to engage. You will be enthralled at her athletic ability: leaping vertically off her hind legs above one foot, sometimes in a spiral, other times in a 360degree whoosh!  The girl has game! True to her breed, she likes to talk about herself and her world and be with you when she’s not exploring or gazing at squirrels and birds through closed windows.  A fast game of chase with a fish on a string will engage her immediately. She is all about the playtime and the performance and the conversation! 

Cleo is meticulously litter trained and eats both wet and dry foods. One feature that has aided her transition and security has been an enclosed bed with softness, warmth, and luxury to which she is now accustomed, and a few companion toys for slumbering….sweeten the love with a few dried chicken treats, for Cleo likes to be rewarded on occasion. Petting her head, scratching her back, brushing, and belly rubs are tolerated, but then warmly welcomed. Her sausage rolls will crack you up….such a diva! She is poised to learn and accomplish all kinds of physical and intellectual pursuits because she can!

Cleo will tell you if she is not accommodated or challenged; being gifted demands exposure, she says.

Our vulnerable rescue baby is now a confident, emerging family friend. Her trills and murmurs and meows will not disappoint.  Pay attention, Cleopatra is soon to reign supreme as queen of your house and your hearts!  Give her your best and she will live up to her standard as a cat of distinction and bestow you with her loyalty (and royalty…..!)

Cleo is fostered in Davis, CA.

For more information, please contact Laurel at (530)3042836 or email: You can also fill out an adoption application. at the Purebreds PlusWebsite,

NOTE: We prefer families with children bring them to the adoption appointment. Why? This allows interaction between the children and the cat. This helps ensure they will be a good fit for each other. A mismatch between a child and a cat is not in anyone’s best interest!