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2020, Adopted

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About Chloe

Adopted by Joe N

This little girl got held up by COVID . She missed her spay appointment last summer because she had a sniffle and then suddenly COVID shut things down and she could not get her, already paid for, spay appointment until 12/17. This is alright except all her kitten friends have gone now to their new homes. Linde and Lucius were the last two on 12/19. Chloe is a bit sad and lonely. She is a loving, cuddly girl looking for a home with one or more kittens/kitties who will welcome her, ideally into their bed. She likes to snuggle with kitties and humans too.

This kitten trusts humans. She is happy in their arms and loves to relax even until she is upside down. ( see the photo’s below) Chloe was a one pound kitten in the shelter, all alone in a stainless steel cage. How did she get left there? She had a cold so maybe that is part of the answer. She was a bit fragile at first but now is a strong, healthy seven pound girl, ready for a new home and a new life.

She is a blue point “applehead” Siamese. “Blue ” means, in cat speak, sort of a lighter grey brown color on her head paws and tail. You can see her beautiful, soft paws are sort of silvery colored right now. “Applehead” describes the shape of her face as opposed to other “wedge head” Siamese cats. Of course she has the beautiful blue, blue eyes of her heritage. So many folks love Siamese kitties because of the deep bond they want to share with their humans.

I don’t know how she is with dogs but Chloe must go to a home with friendly kitties- at least one. She needs a gentle home, quiet and safe. Respectful older children would probably fine.

Some family will be so lucky to have her warm heart and wonderful company.

Chloe eats wet and dry food and is litterbox perfect.

Chloe is spayed, vaccinated, FELV tested, dewormed, and microchipped.

She is fostered by Harriet in Santa Cruz.

Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue is dedicated to matching exceptional cats with qualified adopters who will cherish their pet and create an ideal forever home.

If you believe you are the perfect adopter for Chloe please tell us why in the comments section of our Adoption Application, and contact Harriet at If you are unable to reach Harriet please email us at

NOTE: We prefer families with children bring them to the adoption appointment. Why? This allows interaction between the children and the cat. This helps ensure they will be a good fit for each other. A mismatch between a child and a cat is not in anyone’s best interests!