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2020, Adopted

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About Chidori

Adopted by Jeff and Niki

Unsettling times… Sometimes it takes a jolt to remember that there is no place like home— especially if you have a furry someone to give you reasons to smile.  Let’s talk, so you can think about whether I’m the one for you. 

My name is Chidori.  Yes, it is a funny name.  It means “plover.” That’s a kind of bird, one I would probably eat if I met it in real life.  Thank goodness I am indoor only.  But sometimes my foster mom calls me Dori.  If I come to live with you, you can call me whatever you want.

I am pretty certain of my birthday because I came into rescue needing a bottle every three hours. I kept my foster mom busy because I was a great eater, and just look at me now!  I think my umbilical cord was wrapped around my tail, because I lost the tail tip when I was about one month old.  My foster mom thinks my short tail is rather cute and adds to my unique look.  

Now let’s talk about my personality.  I love my humans.  I especially enjoy cuddling around my foster mom’s neck, sleeping next to her, and kissing her face now and then to let her know how much I love her.  If you don’t want a cat to sleep in your bed with you, please turn the page!I didn’t grow up with other kittens, but there are several grown-up cats in my foster mom’s house, and they showed me the ropes. I can play with the best of them,  and they all take turns grooming my face if they think I haven’t done a good enough job.  As much fun as I’ve been having with others of my own kind, I really need to have another feline companion in my forever home.  

I am a good eater, quiet as a mouse, playful, and super fun.  Life has been good to me so far, but I am ready for my next adventure.  Will it be with you?

I am litter box perfect, tested, vaccinated, and microchipped.  

I am fostered in Davis, CA Contact: Laurel 530-304-2836 or email: