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2017, Adopted

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About Chester

Born ~6/2015, Male, Blue Point Siamese Mix

Chester is a handsome blue point Siamese mix. He still is a kid at 1½ to 2 years old. He weighs around 9 lbs and may get a little bigger. He is smart, loveable, and a perfect gentleman who sometimes is very silly. His blue is truly blue and contrasts nicely with his cream coat. His holiday wish is for a new home. If his wish comes true, his resolution is that he will be the best cat anyone has ever had.

Chester was rescued from a local animal shelter. His paperwork says he was a stray, which is belied by his excellent condition. He obviously had a good home, is well socialized, and had been loved by his owner. But that all ended last Fall. Chester lost his home and, but for rescue, would have lost his life when the shelter became overcrowded.

After rescue, Chester was placed in a multi-cat foster home. He started out being a little shy, but his personality blossomed with time and attention. He quickly became very popular with his foster mom, and his feline brother and sister fosters. His best friend is an 8-month-old kitten – they play kitten games like chase and peek-a-boo, watch the birds and other wildlife through the window, and try to fit together on their foster mom’s lap for a nap.

Chester does like the company of cats, but his primary interest is people. Although he went through some hard times, he has no hard feelings. Each time he meets a new person, he gets on their lap, looks deeply into their eyes and you see him asking – are you the one? The one who will take me home, love me, and let me love you back. Blue point Siamese are noted for looking directly into a person’s eyes as part of their trusting relationship with humans. Most cats avoid direct gazes since in cat language that might mean aggression. Not true with Chester – he simply is searching for his person(s) – his soulmate(s) – for that special spark of human-feline connection.

Chester’s even, easy going personality, combined with his affectionate, accepting nature, make him a universal fit for all sorts of scenarios. If that kitten you adopted a year ago, now needs a feline friend, Chester is the perfect big brother. Looking for a kitty to come home to, Chester will be waiting at the door. Looking for an all-around family cat that can cope with everything and anything, Chester is perfect. All Chester needs is a chance. Make 2017 a very special New Year. Adopt Chester and make his wish come true – be this wonderful boy’s special person(s) and give him a new forever home!

Chester tested positive for FIV. FIV positive cats can live long, normal lives with the good care any responsible pet owner gives to any cat. FIV positive cats also successfully live with other friendly cats. The positive test result means the cat has antibodies to the disease in its blood. It does not mean it has the disease. Given Chester’s young age, and excellent health, the most likely reasons for the positive test result are his former owner vaccinated him against FIV, or there was transmission of antibodies from his mother before his birth. The FIV vaccine generates antibodies in the blood that make a cat test positive for FIV for the rest of its life. For this and other reasons, many shelters no longer test for FIV.

For additional information on FIV, please see the articles below, or call his foster mom.

Chester is current on shots, is Felv negative and comes with a microchip and medical records. He has been dewormed and is on flea protection. He eats both wet and dry food. He is litter box perfect and knows what NO means.

Chester is being fostered in the Sacramento area.

Contact Diane at 650-380-5532 or with questions, or complete an Adoption Application on the website. If you cannot reach Diane, email us at