Charter & Renner
Charter & Renner
Charter & Renner
Charter & Renner
Charter & Renner

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2020, Adopted

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About Charter & Renner

Born ~10/3/2019, Pair Bonded Male

Click here to see video – Renner, Charter & Friend Watch TV

This darling pair of kittens are bonded and want to stay together.  They had the good fortune to be born in a nice warm house and stayed with their mommy until they were ready to be weaned.  They have always been very healthy and clean.  Renner, the red tabby, has green eyes with a little tiny crook at the end of his tail and his brother Charter has ice blue eyes.  Charter is a flame point so his tail, ears and muzzle will get redder as he grows.  

These little guys, Charter and Renner, are a barrel of laughs.  They romp and play together and then poop out and sleep together.  They have a favorite hammock that they love to take naps in. They find joy in the funniest things; a small dixie cup or a tail-less mouse, the balls hanging from their cat tree or better yet, the TV.  See the video of them watching Sesame Street.  Charter will roll onto his back for a tummy rub and he is becoming quite the lap kitty and Renner will join him, but not for long, he is just way too busy to stop long enough to be in a lap. 

Charter & Renner are very sweet little purr buckets. They love to be petted and talked to and held and will start purring and making biscuits immediately.  They are crazy for their treats and if you say the word “treat” to them they run to their foster mom to get their share, and steal from each other.

These precious boys are fostered in West Sacramento

They will come to you tested, altered, microchipped ad vaccinated.

Contact  Ellen at 916-743-8324 or  email  You can also fill out an adoption application on our website,