Charlotte & Josie
Charlotte & Josie
Charlotte & Josie
Charlotte & Josie
Charlotte & Josie
Charlotte & Josie

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2022 Holiday Rescues, Special Tails

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  • A Senior's Promise...

About Charlotte & Josie

Older Cat’s Promise…

Charlotte and Josie were adopted together as kittens, and have always been well cared for. Unfortunately, their human owner passed away suddenly and there were no long-term options in place for her pets. We knew a shelter would not be good for these two spoiled girls so PPCR came to the rescue.

They are sweet, loving cats, love life, and are in excellent health. The catch? They are 14 years old and would do best as the sole pets in their new home.  They also are front paw declawed so are in-door-only kitties! So what are some adorable habits these girls have?

Each night, Charlotte makes her way onto the bed to settle in at hip level. If you move her to another part of the bed, she might stay while you pet her, but she’ll protest and quickly scamper back to her favorite spot. She only requires a minimal amount of petting before curling up into a ball for the night, happy as a clam.

On the other hand, Josie is all energy, scampering up and down the bed just out of grasp. She really enjoys chin rubs and will occasionally offer her belly for petting, albeit from the foot of the bed. Once the lights go out, she crawls up onto or between the legs of a calm sleeper until morning. Josie also has another very cute routine some nights. She fetches her small stuffed raccoons from her toy basket and leaves them on the foot of the bed. She doesn’t play with them, it’s as if she’s moving her ‘kittens’ to the safety of the foster’s bed! We also can find them on the couch at the end of the day.

When not napping in the sun or snuggling under a blanket, the girls enjoy chasing things. Charlotte prefers the movement of feathers or string toys and is much faster than she seems. Josie fancies sunbeams that reflect onto the wall or ceiling from our phones or will occasionally chase a stray blueberry. We know they dream about the day when they will have a forever home. 

They are such awesome girls!  Where I am leading with this? Adopting a senior cat is a good deed—a senior cat has a much harder time finding a home than a young cat—caring for a senior cat is also a lesson in loving, a reminder that love is “for a limited time only.” This is true in all aspects of our lives. It would be a true blessing if Charlotte and Josie were adopted to a loving home for the holiday season…and for the rest of their lives. They deserve to be cherished.

Charlotte & Josie’s Dream of a Forever Home…
You would take us home, give us food and a bed,
And you would share your pillow with our little heads.
We would snuggle and play, and you would talk to us low,
You would love us so dearly, you would want us to know.
We might have lived most of our life with another,
But you would outshine them with a love like no other.
And we would promise to return all the love we could give,
To you, my dear person, as long as we would live.

What are you waiting for? To find out more about these girls contact their foster John at or 408-813-6320Find out more about Charlotte. Find out more about Josie.

We know they dream about the day when they will have a forever home.  In this spirit, PPCR would encourage you to consider adopting a cat no longer in the bloom of youth. Open your heart and your home; then embrace the experience of making each day count with someone you love for five years, eight years, or maybe much more. You will soon find yourself taking the extra time and making each day count with everyone in your life that you love. Love and kindness really do make the world a better place for everyone.