Charlie McKitten

Status / Details

2018, Adopted

Additional Info

About Charlie McKitten

Adopted by Jeff & Jeneen

Born ~5/6/18, M, Brown Tabby Maine Coon Mix

Right now Charlie McKitten is all hair and energy. He already has half inch long ear tuffs (the hair on the tips of his ears) and he is still under 2 pounds. His paws are extra big. He will be a big beautiful Maine Coon mix boy.

Right now he is all things kitten. He thinks he is indestructible and will jump off anything. I have a great photo of him launching himself off the top of a climbing tree hopefully onto Barbara’s shoulder.(She caught him.) We will keep him safe. He is a great little furball. So good-natured and full of fun.

Some family will be so lucky.

For more information please call my foster mom, Harriet at 831-336-2983. You can also complete and email an Adoption Application.