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2014 Christmas, Special Tails

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All of our cats and kittens are special, but every so often one captures our imagination, our heart and our soul, and makes us realize just how important the work is that we do. They personify the hundreds saved every year and remind us of what we strive to accomplish together every day. For us, Callie is one such symbol of the difference we can make. Each cat and kitten is special, each looks to us for help, and each is patiently waiting for you – their new family. Miracles can happen anytime, but during this most magical time of year, we seem to look for them even more….we think little angel Callie is our 2014 miracle.

Pop culture is riddled with references to cats having nine lives. The inquisitive feline has a knack for dodging death by a whisker. Cats are intrepid explorers and fearless acrobats. After all, a creature with nine lives can afford to take risks. According to Brewer’s Dictionary Of Phrase & Fable, a cat is said to have nine lives because it is “more tenacious of life than other animals.” Regardless, Purebreds Plus sees this will to live on a daily basis with cats and kittens that face adversity or trauma, bounce back, and then are somehow able to still retain their loving manner and fun-seeking lives by eating a ribbon or destroying a roll of toilet paper.

Callie may have indeed benefited from having nine lives, she may have just been lucky, but we think she was in the right place at the right time looking for a miracle.

A week ago, one of our foster moms, a nurse at a high school, was alerted by students that there was a kitten in distress on the school grounds in the rain. Our foster took the kitten home for warmth food, and a much needed bath, but what was this? In addition to being wet, cold, and dirty, the kitten was missing her back leg from just below the knee, with a little bit of the tibia bone exposed. We can only assume she escaped from a predator of some type. It was amazing that she had survived! Early the next morning, our foster took Callie to the veterinarian where another of our volunteers is employed.

Emergency surgery was critical for this little girl’s survival, so other appointments at the office were rearranged to permit Callie to have the procedure that very afternoon. She needed to have the injured leg amputated at the hip. It was a delicate surgery on a kitten weighing less than two pounds, but Callie went through it with flying colors. She went ‘home’; to foster care with a patch to control her pain and a supply of antibiotics to prevent infection.

Now Callie is convalescing and so far doing extremely well, getting ready for a safe bright future indoors for the rest of her life. It’s amazing how everything fell into place for this special little girl. How lucky that the students found her! How fortunate that we had a compassionate foster mom working at that school! And how amazing that this little girl had a strong will to live and survived the injury. And how wonderful that Purebreds Plus had enough financial reserves to help this kitten in peril at a moment’s notice because of your support!

We know that with love and hope, miracles are possible all year round. However during this special season of joy, we rejoice in the memory of each life we have been able save through the dedication of all of our volunteers and the generosity of supporters like you. Your kindness has allowed us to embrace the idea that every life matters and at Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue we work very hard to achieve nothing less for any of the cats that we are able to take into our rescue.