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  • Adoption Fee $275

About Bungee

Born 12/10/18, M, Jungle Bob Brown Spotted

Special Adoption Fee $275

Bungee has several requirements for his potential new “Staff” that would like to take him home and “wait” on him. They must be ok with the following:

  • When you take a shower in the morning he also needs to take one with you. Water is a key part of his morning.
  • Drinking out of the bathroom sink is another special pleasure. He assumes the water tastes better from the tap.
  • When a can pops open in the kitchen he comes running and on the counter to supervise. He assumes all food is for him and he needs to make sure he gets the proper menu.
  • If his staff leaves the bathroom door open they should expect a blanket of toilet paper snow on the floor.

These are only a few of his “favorite must do’s”…but I know there are more!

He came into rescue at three weeks old, from a breeder who surrendered him when he was very tiny and not thriving. It was touch and go in the beginning, but now he is almost eleven pounds and a strong handsome youngster. Jungle Bobs are the result of crossing the Chausie with a Pixie Bob (who may be a Bobcat/Domestic cat hybrid). The Jungle Bob is sometimes out-crossed to other breeds, including a Bengal, Highland Lynx Desert Lynx, or Savannah or other crosses. We did not get much information about the background of Bungee’s breeding.

Bungee has an amazing coat. His leopard spotted coat is a beautiful shade of brown with specks of auburn and bronze that sparkles in the sunlight. He has a nub of a tail thus the “Bob”. He has gold green expressive eyes with an enduring face that will melt your heart. Not to mention his super sweet loving disposition. Bungee’s humans are his world and they need to be home with him a great deal of the time to interact and play with him.

Bungee lives up to his name. Jungle Bobs are not a cat for the faint of heart. Bungee can definitely be on the wild side when he is active and playful. He is very intelligent, curious and will entertain himself and you for several hours of the day. He loves his humans and wants to be with them and needs their attention and affection. Jungle Bobs bond very strongly with their owners. He is not a lap cat but loves to have you rub and pet on him and will roll over on his side and rub up on your legs for pets. He is an extremely sweet boy and Jungle Bobs develop a strong bond with their human family. Bungee also needs a feline buddy who is also very playful that he can interact and bond with. He has grown up with foster kittens and needs the interaction of another cat in his new home. He would also do well with playful gentle dogs in the house.

Bungee needs to be placed with a breed experienced adopter(s) who have or have had high energy cats such as Jungle Bob, Bengal, Savannah etc. Bungee needs to have another high energy cat as a companion, otherwise he may be too intimidating/demanding for a mild tempered laid back cat.

Bungee is fostered in Davis, CA. We do not ship and expect the potential adopters to come and meet him.

Please call Laurel at 503-304-2836 or email laurel@faganhome.com or send an Adoption Application.