Meet Hidden Star Buddy
Meet Hidden Star Buddy
Meet Hidden Star Buddy
Meet Hidden Star Buddy
Meet Hidden Star Buddy
Meet Hidden Star Buddy

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2018 Hidden Stars, Special Tails

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About Meet Hidden Star Buddy

Hi! My name is Buddy or as my adopter says “The cat formally known as Prince Valiant.”

I wanted to tell my story so you can see how great it can be for the cat and the adopter. So here goes…I am handsome and a very cool cat, even if I say so myself. I’ve had an interesting life that’s for sure. I had a stable home with a breeder and had lots of girlfriends. I was then placed with a teenage boy who was wonderful, I so loved that boy. The boy went away and then everything just seemed to fall apart. I was thrown outside. I was attacked by other kitties and was alone trying to survive in a world I did not understand.

PPCR was contacted to take me in and they said yes! I felt so lucky to end up with them and a wonderful foster Mom! They really understood me. They also took me to a vet and made sure I was healthy, after all I am twelve years old! The vet says I should live to a ripe old age! They fed me wonderful food and even gave me supplements to help me get back to my handsome self! Then it happened! I met Steve who was looking for a Bengal after his had passed away. I so wanted a deep loving connection again and thought this could really work well. I was bit leery about the whole thing, as I know first-hand humans can be fickle.

So I went home with Steve, my new person. Initially I had a little kitty cold and I was also kind of sad at being moved yet again. Would it last? Would he really love me? As I started to feel better I began exploring our entire house. Steve also put me on Lysine to prevent future kitty colds. I met his girlfriend’s two kitties and after the initial introduction, well everything is awesome.

I am now soooo spoiled and love it! I have a custom built scratcher and tree that he built just for me! No one has done anything like that for me before. How cool is that? When it’s time for bed I run into the bedroom and jump on the bed with him. I feel safe and secure with him…and really love him for adopting me.

I am also pretty smart, no really I am. Steve has a blanket that you plug in the wall and it gets warm. At soon as he plugs it in I am on his lap. Mmm…nice and warm. I also watch him because he gives me a special treat of raw goat’s milk every day. I recognize the bottle and will start talking to him to hurry up! Goat’s milk is great! Oh…I need to go…he just opened the fridge! Goat milk time! Yup I am spoiled and loving every minute of it. Just one more thing before I run off…

You guys shouldn’t really be so reluctant to adopt us older kitties. Sometimes we just have a run of bad luck, just like you do. Another chance is all we really need and I know there are other special people, like my adopter Steve, out there that really understands that. All kitties deserve love and care…and I know how grateful I am that I found it here in my final, forever home. I also make sure I show him every single day just how grateful I am! So please, think about it…

Forever Grateful

Buddy the Bengal

Many adult cats have felt the fear and uncertainty of being abandoned or surrendered and when the right adopter comes along, their life is immediately changed for the better and they know it. They will associate you with their great new life and they will love you more dearly for it. Buddy is a great example of this!

Sure, adult cats sleep a lot, but even adult cats love and need to play with their human families. Don’t be fooled into thinking that older cats will not be entertaining!

The bottom line is when older cats find themselves in a rescue, or a shelter, it really is their last chance for love. Competing against cute kittens and colorful young adult cats can be difficult when you’re in the sunset years, but this doesn’t mean that older cats are any less brilliant! Why do you think we call them Hidden Stars?

The benefits of adopting a Hidden Star are many. You could find a great fit for your family and lifestyle in these often forgotten felines. As Buddy said “Think about it…” you might find a perfect companion who will be forever grateful for your love and care.

Warm Cuddles,

Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue

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