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2016, Adopted

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About Boris

Born ~2013 , Male, Tabby Exotic Persian

Boris is on the small side at around five and a half pounds. His eyes are an intense copper and his short fur (hence the exotic or “Zot” description) has beautiful Tabby markings. This little guy insists on love and will tap his human with a forepaw for attention. His favorite place to be is curled in the nook of his human’s shoulder. Boris enjoys having his little nose and behind his ears massaged. Boris is not a shy kitty, and he has asked total strangers to pet him during visits. Boris’s purr is soft and nearly continuous.

Boris is not offended by small children and even tolerates tiny inexperienced hands picking him up. His history is unknown, but he may have been a stud for a couple of years; Boris was not neutered until April 1, 2016, and he will not back down from dominant cats, despite obvious size differences. Boris seems indifferent to other animals, and this may be due to his close proximity to additional types of animals kept in the same house with him for breeding purposes, i.e. dogs and exotic reptiles. Boris would be perfectly happy owning the house to himself, and that would be suggested, as he seems to have some issues with the litter box. Boris will defecate in the litter box, but he does not always urinate in the litter box. A pee pad in front of the litter box helps keep the area clean.

An irregular heartbeat was discovered during one of Boris’s vet checkups. Boris was brought to a feline cardiologist, and, not uncommon in the Persian breed, a thickening on the wall of his heart was found. This may or may not impact Boris’s health in the future, and it is recommended that Boris receive an ECG every six months and an annual scan to monitor the thickening. Otherwise Boris is a healthy kitty. Boris’s teeth place his age at about two years old, but as mellow as Boris acts, he may be as old as four years old. Boris is able to free feed himself on dry food and enjoys his daily can of wet food. He also enjoys greenies, catnip, and other occasional cat treats.

Boris is not the best at grooming, and his litter box etiquette leaves room for improvement. This may improve should Boris be kept as an only pet. Boris enjoys being brushed, but he is definitely not a fan of bath time. Boris also tolerates nail grooming fairly well.

He is fostered in Napa.

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