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2015 Christmas, Special Tails

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Hunkered down, and hopefully out of sight, the little kitten prayed….

I’m so tired and hungry and cold
I don’t think I’ll make it too long on my own,
‘Cause I’m getting weak and I’m so all alone.
Each night as I try to sleep in the junk pile I cry,
‘Cause I’m so afraid, that I’m gonna die.
I need a chance, I’ve got so much to give
I just need a someone patient and kind with a safe place to live
Please someone hear me, please answer my prayer,
And send me somebody who will REALLY care!

This poor little girl was taken in by a foster Mom’s son who lives out in Winnemucca, NV. He heard her crying, very loudly, and went outside to try and find her. He found her in a pile of junk in a side yard near his rental home. She was shivering (it had been in the 30’s — she was literally freezing), hungry, exhausted and scared to death. This area has quite a few feral’s, and free roaming outside cats that do have kittens, they typically have them early in the year not in late September!

The little thing was hissing and growling but he knew he could not leave this little girl outside. She could not have weighed more than a pound. So he picked her up and cuddled her while she hissed and growled. He brought the little kitty into his home, put a little heater on in his laundry room, gave her one of his plush jackets to lie on and then called us for some direction. He ran out and grabbed some food, some litter and the basics for the little girl. She was totally exhausted. He fed her and she growled and hissed the whole time she ate. She then curled up under, yes under the jacket and slept for nearly 24 hours, waking only to eat and use the litter box. He continued the routine and eventually the kitty started climbing on him and sitting on him. She also became a little love bug and showed some cute quirky behaviors! She was so hungry that she devoured everything put in front of her, until she ended up with a big tummy! He took care of her for two weeks and then brought her to PPCR so she could be checked out and then a loving forever home could be found for her.

This little girl was named Boondock Bessie because Winnemucca is a small town in Northern Nevada and she was really lacking in kitty manners when first taken in. Despite everything she is healthy, adorable and purrs at the drop of a hat! It took her some time to integrate with the other kittens in her new foster home. She did not trust them at all, which is understandable coming from where she did. She did not want to share food and would growl and try to smack the other kittens away. She was also small compared to the other kittens but that did not stop her! I am sure she had to fight for her food. She also would sneak up on the other kittens bite their butts and then run away as fast as she could. She really was like a little hillbilly cousin! She eventually realized no one, cat or human, was going to hurt her, there really was plenty of food, with plenty of love and cuddling to go around. And she was warm and safe.

Bessie was a talker too. She would talk to us if we didn’t pay enough attention to her or just to tell us all about her day! She really adored interacting with people. A family member visited recently, as did a longtime family friend, and Bessie showed no concern whatsoever about meeting new people. She actually shows very few signs of ever living the feral life. She loves to play and likes being held! She still startles a bit if she does not see you, but oh my, this little girl was so very endearing and nearly impossible not to fall in love with.

When all is said and done Bessie has an amazing zest for life! She loves running up and down the hall at full speed. She would arch her back and jump sideways at nothing and then take off running again! She also liked to jump straight up and down like Tigger! She bounces in place and it’s the funniest thing you would ever see.

Bessie stole the hearts of her adopters right away — just from her pictures! When they arrived to pick her up she basked in the attention from them. She has already settled right in to her new home. She has poked her nose in every nook and cranny of their house and has basically taken it over. She has two speeds — go and sleep. She runs everywhere, up and down all of the stairs and from room to room. She helps her new Mom get ready for work in the morning, and naps after an hour or so of go time. She still loves chasing “mice.” And once its lights off, she settles right into their bed and off to sleep until the alarm sounds in the morning. And yes she still has a loud little motor! She has her special baby blanket and when her adopter puts her on it she immediately relaxes and starts purring. They love and adore her, as did we.

It’s no secret that we see pets from all walks of life at Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue. Some animals arrive because they were lost and alone on the street trying to survive. Some arrive because their owners abandon them. Others arrive because some circumstance makes it impossible for their person to keep them, and so it becomes our goal to find them a new home. Some are sick and injured, some are healthy and some have never known what a true “home” could be. Some are shy, some scared, and some of the happy-go-lucky kitties are completely unaffected by the situation. No matter their background, we are here to give them a second chance at life, to act as a safe haven for those in need. Bessie is one of those that was given that chance…