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2018, Adopted

Additional Info

About Boo

Born ~ 04/2016, F, Black Smoke Highlander

Bonded with Amber

Special Fee for Amber & Boo $400

Watch Amber and Boo!!

Boo is one of the neatest cats you will ever meet, she is adorable and full of love and spunk! She hops around almost like a bunny and then flops on her back for some good ole belly rubs. She loves to be near her humans and will definitely want to share your bed, and pillow if you let her!

Highlanders are a relatively rare breed recognized by TICA and you can read about them here:

Boo isn’t particularly large but she does love to eat so her size is more in her belly than in her height and length. She has the ears that curl back and she is completely tailless, just a cute little rump. She does need some grooming, especially right above where her tail should be, she had a bit of a matt there when we got her so we shaved the matt off and her fur is starting to grow back in. She loves being groomed so keeping up with her super soft, silky fur should be no problem.

Boo does have a best friend named Amber, a gorgeous calico Maine Coon. They love to groom each other, play chase all over the house, and then cuddle up for naps together. Neither Boo nor Amber particularly care for other cats, they have never fought or been aggressive at all but there is some hissing and growling going on when they see other kitties so cat free home looking for a fabulous pair would be ideal for these two girls. Both girls actually love little cat-friendly dogs (especially Amber) and they are always trying to cuddle up with or rub up against the resident Papillion. They are both also friendly with gentle children.

Amber and Boo are fostered in Placerville, they must be adopted together.

Please contact her foster mom Jen at (916) 217-2151 or email if you have questions, or send an Adoption Application. If you are unable to reach Jen by phone or email, email us at