Blue Ivy
Blue Ivy
Blue Ivy
Blue Ivy
Blue Ivy
Blue Ivy

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2018, Adopted

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About Blue Ivy

Born ~2012, F, Lynx Point Siamese

Though my story might not be unique, I sure am. They say good things come in small packages and that is certainly true in my case. I am a petite Lynx point Siamese going on around 6 1/2 years old (though a lady never likes to talk about her age or weight). My foster mom says I’m a pretty, pretty girl from my stunning blue eyes to my soft grey suede ears. From my black soled white boots to my dual colored toe pads to the single Lynx point toe in front. From my plush tail that is white on the back and black raccoon ringed in the front to my fur coat that ranges in color from smokey cream to milky tea. All in all it adds up to a sweet, beautifully unique kitty.

Then there is my not so unique story. I believed fully that I was in my forever home as the sole queen of the house when unbeknownst to me my family decided to bring home not one but TWO “mini humans” aka babies. One baby would have been hard enough but TWO, there is only so much a girl can handle. Next thing I know I’m at “kitty jail”. As shelters go it was nice and the people there were so wonderful and caring but it turns out that when I stress I freeze up, stop eating and get watery eyes. So you can just imagine what a shelter would do to me with its chaos, D-O-G-Ss barking and cats, everywhere cats. Nope, the wonderful staff tried giving me extra attention and strokes but it proved too much for me. That was when I found myself on the move again but this time into my foster mom’s house. She volunteers at this cat rescue group and had the room for me. A room that is quiet and has no other cats or D-O-G-Ss barking. A place where I can relax and unwind so when you, my new forever family, come I’ll be at my happiest.

Now, for what I’m looking for in a family and a little bit more about me, since I am the reason we’re here. I need a family that wouldn’t be gone all the time and isn’t living a chaotic lifestyle. I need a family who can be patient with me and can give me the time I’ll need to get used to my new home and to let my sweet purrsonality blossom and shine. You should also know that though I love hanging out with my family I’m not the snuggle in your lap or cuddle in your arms type of gal. I’m more of the type to curl up next to you on the couch while you read or watch TV; or curled up at the end of the bed or next to your pillow while you sleep. Mom thought it was so cute to come in the room today to find me curled under and wrapped up in the quilt.

In the morning or when you come home I love greeting you with the sweetest little chirp. Just polite to ask how you slept or how your day went, wouldn’t you agree. I love getting pets or scritches; and don’t get me started on how much I love, love, love being brushed. Gets my little purr engine revving and gets you lots of head bonks and biscuit making in return. I also can’t get enough of catnip or catnip toys. Nothing better then rolling in some fresh catnip or kicking the stuffing out of a toy bird, maybe a toy mouse or two. My foster mom is also letting me take the igloo cat bed I found since its my favorite place to sleep and my way to still hang out with the family but take a break at the same time. As you’ve probably guessed I wouldn’t want any kids in my new home or D-O-G-Ss but my foster mom thinks I might be able to handle an older friendly cat since I did alright when confronted with her fur kids.

My foster mom is also working on my scratching post skills since no one had ever bought me one before, though don’t worry, a lady never scratches the furniture. And here I was thinking that that funny pole with rope around it was something you chewed on, huh. I’m also not so keen on getting the nails trimmed so you might want to let the professional handle that.

I will come to you with a heart ready for love, up to date on my vaccines, and microchipped.

I’m eating Science Diet dry food and being a lady, have perfect litter box manners.

I’m being fostered with Juliana in Santa Rosa, CA which is in Sonoma County.

Contact: Juliana (707)694-3733 or email: if you have questions, or send an Adoption Application. If you are unable to reach Juliana by phone or email, email us at