Status / Details

2016, Adopted

Additional Info

About Blueberry

Adopted By Wendy

Born ~2008, Male, Bronze & White, Norwegian Forest Cat/Maine Coon Mix

Blueberry is a handsome, husky, healthy and affectionate teddy bear cat! According to his former caretaker family, Blueberry was rescued as a kitten from a shelter in late summer of 2008. When a kitty is adopted from a shelter, their heritage is typically not known, thus we cannot vouch for the fact that Blueberry is a Norwegian Forest Cat mix, but based on his medium soft, easy care fur and his striking looks, we will state that he has some NFC in him, and/or maybe some Maine Coon – who knows, and who really cares? What counts is that he is a very loving, human-oriented and easy going boy with a soft meow.

His current owners are moving overseas and cannot keep him, so they contacted our organization to help find this loving boy a wonderful new home. He is being fostered with us and in just a few days, he has become a lap and tummy cat with his foster mom. He loves to sit next to you and if he sits on you, he looks into your eyes and gently touches your face with his paw. When he feels comfortable with his human caretakers, Blueberry transforms into a devoted lover boy. He likes to ask for love and attention and the person(s) seeking to adopt him should be willing to spend quality interactive time with him; he is not a “latch-key” kind of cat who would enjoy being home for long hours with no one to play or socialize with all day. He followed his former owner around meowing gently at him when he wanted attention. If you have been looking for a fur buddy who knows how to communicate his interest in some loving by pulling your hand with his paws to get you to pet him, do consider giving Blueberry a fur-ever home.

He is fine with 1-2 gentle, respectful cats in the household, given time and courteous introductions; and according to his former caretaker, he is also fine with respectful children. He can also bond as a one and only with human friends. It will not take Blueberry long to acclimate to a loving, sociable household. He never scratches any furniture, and uses his litterbox without any issues. He will come to you with a basic health check-up, neutered, tested, microchipped and current on vaccination.

Blueberry deserves a home with sociable, cat loving people. If you think you have the qualifications, please apply to give adorable Blueberry a stable, committed home.

His foster mom lives in Davis, California.

Contact Wendy at (530) 758-5550 if you have questions, or send an Adoption Application. If you are unable to reach Wendy, email us at info@purebredsplus. org.