Ben The Burmese
Ben The Burmese
Ben The Burmese
Ben The Burmese
Ben The Burmese
Ben The Burmese

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DIAGNOSTIC GOAL MET! Thank you for all that donated!

Updated 4/30/17: Looks like Ben is on the road to recovery! They drained and sampled the fluid behinds his ear drum and there was no nasty bacteria or infection! His balance has, of course, improved greatly! His head tilt is still present but is slowly returning to normal. So Ben is on steroid nasal drops and antibiotics and is on the road to recovery. Ben has taken this all in stride. In fact, both Ben and Sarge are pretty mellow laid back boys.

Original: Hi, my name is Ben the Burmese, and I have a best buddy brother Sarge. We are seven years young and we are thick as thieves, our specialty: stealing hearts.

It was not long ago that we brothers found ourselves surrendered to a shelter. We couldn’t understand why this would ever happen, we are very lovable to people, and boy, are we cute as buttons, even if I do say so myself.

Our world was just turned upside down when this happened. For me, this was both figurative and literal. You see, there is something going on with my head. My sense of balance is very off. I don’t know why gravity is so unfriendly to me now, we used to get along great! Now it seems to want to pull me down on my left side all the time. My head now tilts to that side, and although it gives me a thoughtful expression, it gets in the way of me fully expressing myself. The special doctor said I may have an issue with my inner ear, or perhaps something more nefarious (I sure hope not!). I just won’t know until I have an MRI scan to see what’s going on in this adorable little head of mine. Medicine is amazing! They can do that now! But, it can cost upwards of $2000 to have a looksee in there. That sounds like a lot of treats.

I have been having these issues since September of last year. My records say so. I wonder if this is why my former family couldn’t keep me anymore? We know we are two of the really lucky ones. Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue found out about us and came and got us! Thanks goodness…

The doctor says I may also have a growth in my airways. It’s what may have made my recovery from a URI so challenging. My brother also had one when we came to our new foster parents home in February, but he is all better now. I still struggle with sneezing and snuffling, though my deep gasps for breath have improved with that yucky pink stuff foster Mom has been giving me. Whatever is in there is making it hard for me to recover fully. The doctors also need to look in my nose with a thing called a Rhinoscope to see what is causing my loud breathing, as well as some bloodwork to see if there are other things at play. The diagnostics I need will run upwards of $3000, which sounds like the cost of a fantastic kitty mansion!

Life can be difficult sometimes, but that certainly doesn’t dampen my spirits and zest for living. For now, I just need to play low to the ground so I don’t fall and hurt myself. My foster parents understand and accommodate to my ability, but I am hoping to gain my ability to make impressive leaps again….with your help.

Hopefully the nice doctors can discover what is causing this imbalance, this head tilt, this stubborn and noisy URI and make me all better, so I can keep up with Sarge. In the meantime, I will be patient and enjoy my new foster home with my dear brother. It’s warm and cozy here and I do so enjoy cuddling with my brother and foster parents. They have really cool toys here, like Da Bird. I may be off-kilter, but I sure can catch that wily bird with lightning speed. So can you help me find out what is going on? I have so much love to give…I just need a second chance. You will help me…right?

Purebreds Plus needs your help to get Ben back on his feet again. All the diagnostics we need will run ~$5000. We have a battery of tests planned as you can see — so we can figure out what is causing his various issues. The first step is the MRI and we will then continue to determine what is causing his various issues. We believe Ben is well worth the effort and we want to do everything possible for him. So with hope in our hearts we ask for your help to get him the diagnostics he needs so we can help him. You are always there for our cats and kittens that are in need. You really can make a huge difference for this boy. It only takes a minute for you to make a huge difference….please help Ben.

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