Beanie (and Polo)
Beanie (and Polo)
Beanie (and Polo)
Beanie (and Polo)
Beanie (and Polo)
Beanie (and Polo)
Beanie (and Polo)
Beanie (and Polo)

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Available, Domestic, Kittens

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About Beanie (and Polo)

Born ~3/1/2021, M, Red Classic Tabby Domestic

Beanie and Polo MUST be adopted together. There are NO exceptions. See Polo here.

Total Adoption Fee for Both Cats is $350

Here we have two little brothers, variations on a theme of red and white. I always love the red boys and try to take them into foster whether they are kittens, adults, seniors, long hair or short. Sometimes they are even females though red females are rare. The world is full of adopters who love these kitties with their beautiful colors and loving natures.

Polo is the one who is red and white with a white tummy, legs and a wonderful white blaze on his forehead. He is the intrepid explorer of the two. It seems that in almost every pair of kittens one is the most confident, the leader and one is the super cuddly follower who takes his cues from his brother. . Polo is a bit bigger and fuzzier than Beanie. Look at the determination and strength in his expression. He reminds me of Tom Sawyer, a mischievous troublemaker. He is at the age where playing and exploring are at the center his world. When he is tired from play his sweet side shows as he naps in your lap.

Beanie is a little shy and then relaxes in your arms and is super cuddly. He is extra sweet. He is a “Classic” tabby. In this sentence, “Classic” refers to a marking pattern on his coat. Classic means he has the banded legs and tail and the swirling pattern with a “bullseye” on his flank. Beanie also has soft white fur on his tummy. He is a beautiful kitten. Both these boys have a wonderful saturated red coat that glows in the sunlight.

These brothers were in the shelter alone, taking comfort in each other. I have no idea how they came to be there. Actually since they were so small when we took them in we put them with a great mom cat who was nursing her two kittens of about the same age.  Her kittens started to play with them immediately and she graciously took them in bathing and nursing them. Protective as a good mom should be. These brothers are very bonded and work together as a team. As they age and become adults they will grow more and more mellow, lazy and cuddly, bringing comfort and delight to their family. .

These two have never been around dogs but would probably learn to play with gentle respectful dogs. They have grown up around other cats and are fine with their company. These boys would probably do well with respectful children once they settle into ownership of their new family.

Some family will be so lucky to have their warm companionship.

Beanie eats wet and dry food and is litterbox perfect.

Beanie is neutered, vaccinated, FELV tested, dewormed, and microchipped.

He is fostered by Harriet in Santa Cruz.

Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue is dedicated to matching exceptional cats with qualified adopters who will cherish their pet and create an ideal forever home.

If you believe you are the perfect adopter for Beanie (and Polo) please tell us why in the comments section of our Adoption Application, and contact Harriet at If you are unable to reach Harriet please email us at

NOTE: We prefer families with children bring them to the adoption appointment. Why? This allows interaction between the children and the cat. This helps ensure they will be a good fit for each other. A mismatch between a child and a cat is not in anyone’s best interests!