Baby Girl
Baby Girl
Baby Girl
Baby Girl
Baby Girl
Baby Girl

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2018, Adopted

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About Baby Girl

Adopted by Sylvia

Born 2014, F, Bombay

My friends call me Baby! I come when they call (if I want to) and reward them with a huge purr, head butts and kitty hugs. Oh! And when I call, I expect them to come as well. I love people. Other cats not so much!

I’ve had some rough times recently for a Princess Kitty. I came to a shelter very frightened and confused with bad teeth. My person had passed away and there was no one to care for me. The nice people at the shelter took care of my teeth and now they are beautiful but there are a lot fewer of them.

A really nice man adopted me and I thought I was back in my happy place, but he had a kitty already and the kitty and I just didn’t get along. He asked Purebreds Plus to find me a home where I was the only kitty. Now I’m with my Foster Mom. She says I’m a force of nature.

I am a drop-dead gorgeous Bombay with copper eyes I use to my advantage. I am very confident, outgoing and smart. I am adept at communicating with people and training them. They don’t even realize they are doing what I’ve asked them to do, tee hee.

I’m ready to be in my furrever home with my subjects catering to my wishes. They will be rewarded in abundance for their love.

This is what the Cat Fanciers’ Association has to say about the Bombay breed:

It has been said that if you want a dog, a cat or a monkey all rolled into one mischievous package, then the Bombay is the breed for you. They can be leash trained, and most enjoy playing “fetch” and are fond of inventing new ways to entertain themselves and the humans with whom they live. Bombays are congenial, outgoing and make intelligent, affectionate companions. They adapt well to busy life styles and usually get along with children, elders and other pets. The Bombay generally combines the easy going temperament and robust nature of the American Shorthair and the social, inquisitive, lap-loving character of the Burmese.

So we already know Baby does not seem to care for a feline companion; it could be that she may do okay with another mild mannered female but there are no guarantees. Her owner stated that she seems to be a bit hesitant around young children and he doesn’t know how she would be around dogs since he doesn’t have any dogs. However, he has noticed that Baby seems to be enamored with men. When one of his male friends came over, Baby came right up to him and invited some pets. She definitely likes to be on her current owner’s lap and doesn’t mind when he holds her. She actually jumped up on his shoulder once and hung out there for a while – he laughingly said it reminded him of a parakeet he had a few years ago.

She is a sweet little girl who likes to hang out in shoe boxes, loves to cuddle once she knows and trusts you, and who would prefer being a single princess so she can have her new parent(s) all to herself.

Baby will come to you current on all her vaccines and microchipped.

If you are interested in adopting the beautiful Baby Girl, she is currently fostered in ROSEBURG, OREGON with JoAnn DeSpain please contact her 541-680-6321 or and fill out an Adoption Application online.