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2015 Christmas, Special Tails

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Anthony is an 18-month-old Red Abyssinian. Just look at that adorable face! You would never know all the heartbreak Anthony has gone through in his short life.

Anthony was born in June 2014 to his mom, Rosie, along with his brother and 2 sisters, but alas within a month Rosie fell ill, far too ill to care for her kittens. Anthony’s brother and 2 sisters also fell sick, and they died. Rosie survived.

Anthony had been separated from Rosie and also survived, but he was not a healthy kitten. He had an infection, was treated with antibiotics, and within 2 weeks had the infection again. For his first several months as a Purebreds Plus foster kitten, he continued the same cycle until we took him to a specialty veterinarian, who put in on a long-term dose of Doxycycline. Finally he started responding to the treatment.

Despite everything, Anthony was a happy kitten. He was active, into everything, and adjusted easily to living with other cats. Because he had been raised in the shelter without his mom to train him, he had a nipping problem, but it didn’t take long for his foster mom to teach him that nipping was not a good thing.

What a lover little Anthony turned out to be. Whenever his foster mom sat down, he was right in her lap, reaching his face up to put his lips to hers. He loved giving kisses: wet, messy ones. Way too cute!

What happens next is one of those fairy-tale situations one never expects to be possible in reality. As we said earlier, Rosie, Anthony’s mother, recovered from her illness. She was adopted by a loving couple on the very morning when Anthony came to live in his foster home. Like many of our adopters, Rosie’s family kept in touch, providing updates on Rosie. We told them about Anthony, and from then on they looked forward to updates on him.

On Labor Day weekend, the same couple came and took Anthony home. Would he and Rosie recognize each other, given that they were separated months before, when he was so very little? It didn’t take long for us to hear: as soon as the couple brought Anthony into the house in his carrier, Rosie ran up. The carrier was opened, and Anthony and Rosie went running off together as if they had never been separated. From then on, they have been truly inseparable, whether in sleep or in play. It turns out a Mother’s love is just as enduring in the feline world as in the human one. What a joy for all concerned: cats, rescuers, and adopters alike–that such a joyous reunion was possible for Anthony and his mom.