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2018, Adopted

Additional Info

About Amourette

Adopted by Judith

Born ~2014, F, Lynx Point Siamese Mix

Watch Amourette!

“Little Love” perfectly describes Amourette, because that is exactly what she is. This little girl came to us after she was found on a doorstep. The finder already had other kitties and was not able to keep her. We decided to take this little girl on.


Are you looking for a playful, loving, and sweet as can be, little blue eyed lynx point (with a ringed tail) Siamese Mix? Look no further, this is the one for you. She deserves to be loved, cuddled and cherished. She sits on her foster Dad’s shoulder when he works on the computer. Sometimes she grooms his head and tries to give him a kitty shampoo. She is not afraid of the other kitties in the house, no growling or hissing from her (of course the other kitties are still getting used to her so that discretion is not always matched). She loves to be loved! She purrs at the drop of a hat, for no reason other than you are there! This little girl has been through a lot physically and emotionally but still has a wonderful, loving disposition. She weighs a healthy 6 pounds. The vet can’t nail down a perfect age but figures a range of 2 to 4 years old. With the way she plays and her perky personality we think she is on the low end of the age range.

Amourette was not always like this…

When we got her, she was very timid. She had to have been dumped or left behind when the owner moved. It was pretty obvious from day one that she wanted to be with people even though she was a bit timid, she was almost craving attention! This petite little girl had a number of issues when she came to us. It was very obvious she had been on her own for quite a while. She was very bloated, swollen and had extreme nasal congestion. In fact, the person who found her, and our own foster people, thought she might be pregnant! Her teeth and especially her gums looked atrocious and oh so painful. To top it off she was also infested with fleas and seemed to be allergic to them! It is amazing to us that she was so willing to trust us. We got her to the vet within a couple of days for a complete workup.

After a number of visits, a slew of diagnostics, and multiple antibiotic treatments, she is now lovingly called “Toothless”. She was diagnosed with severe gingivitis and probably stomatitis. The best solution was a full tooth extraction. In no time at all she was healthy and even more loving, (was that even possible??). You could easily tell she was feeling so much better!

How? She started playing and we found she adores da Mouse and will chase it around every chance she gets. We sit on the floor and play with her when we feed her. She also loves her rabbit’s foot, tossing it around the room to play with it. She will chat up a storm with you whether you are in the room with her or not. Her adopters will probably not have any trouble keeping track of her, unless she quiets down when she has free run of the house, which she does not, at this point, at her foster home. She is quite inquisitive too, exploring every nook and cranny frequently.

She eats wet food and Royal Canin Baby Cat with no issues. Well, okay, she is somewhat picky about her wet food so we have a variety of flavors we give her. All of her physical symptoms are gone and her blood work is normal! This is one amazing, adorable little girl that will make some person a loyal and loving companion. Could that person be you?

Amourette is de-wormed, flea-less, FLEV/FIV negative, fully vetted and up to date on vaccines. She will be spayed on 1/30 and ready to go home on or after February 9th.

She is fostered in Reno, NV.

Please call Kathy or Norton at 775-626-3518 or email or send an Adoption Application.