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2017, Adopted

Additional Info

About Amira

Adopted by April

Born ~2007, Female, American Shorthair

Amira came to the shelter as a “stray”, but with a large mass on her shoulder. Often that means that someone either didn’t have the financial means or the compassion to take the kitty to the vet and get the mass removed.

The shelter removed the mass for us and thoroughly vetted her. She is now a healthy girl, and with her quiet and gentle nature she will be a wonderful, very precious companion to a lucky adopter.

According to the CFA, American Shorthairs are low-maintenance cats that are generally healthy, easy-going, affectionate with owners and social with strangers. With a quality diet and plenty of attention, love, and care, they can live 15 years or longer, requiring annual vaccinations and veterinary checkups. These cats have solidly built, powerful, and muscular bodies with well-developed shoulders, chests, and hindquarters.

American Shorthairs are intelligent cats who are interested in their surroundings. They will watch birds, other animals and any outside activity from a window perch. These cats are calm, yet playful and some enjoy sitting in laps. They get along with children, so they make good family pets.

Amira is fine with other cats but susceptible to bullying by some of the more assertive kitties. She has gotten used to the quiet old dog at her foster home but is not a major fan. We believe that a nice quiet home would help her blossom.

We know that the pictures don’t do her complete justice. As her foster mom puts it “She’s a bit camera shy. Not shy of laps though”. So if you enjoy having a kitty on your lap, look no further than this pretty girl.

Amira eats both wet and dry food and uses her litterbox perfectly.

Amira is fostered in Vacaville, CA.

If you would like more information about this lovely girl, please contact Frauke at 925-784-8244 or at or send an Adoption Application.