Lexie, Lacie & Lennie
Lexie, Lacie & Lennie
Lexie, Lacie & Lennie
Lexie, Lacie & Lennie

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2022 Holiday Rescues, Special Tails

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  • The Eyes Have It!

About Lexie, Lacie & Lennie

The Eyes Have it!

On New Year’s Eve 2021, we got a call from a shelter that three kittens had come in with bad upper respiratory infections. Since it was a holiday weekend, they would not have a veterinarian available until Monday. We are used to handling upper respiratory infections and it’s something we can easily treat. We quickly headed to the shelter to pick up these three little kittens so we could jump-start their treatment.

These three little darlings – Lexie, Lacie, and Lennie – came in together.  We were not sure if they were actually siblings or not, not that it really mattered. Little did we know they also had severe eye infections that were not obvious from the pictures or from our texts.  

We were extremely concerned about Lacie and Lennie as they both had eye ulcers. We started two kinds of eye medications every four hours until we were able to get them in to see an ophthalmologist. We were told to keep them on the eye medications. We were able to stabilize the eyes so they did not have to have them removed! Lacie and Lennie both have limited sight in one of their eyes. But with our quick action and response, they kept their eyes! 

Despite the rough start these three kittens are happy, healthy and loving as can be! They love to play and run through the house with wild abandon!  That’s how it should be for kittens! Playful and having fun…it’s all about the attitude!

Helping kittens in need is one of our many passions and one of the things we do best. These three kittens all took their sunshine aura and loving hearts to wonderful families, where they can weave their magical spell over them this holiday season, and for the rest of their lives. For them it really is all about the positive attitude you have, as you face what life throws at you!