How Can I Keep My Cat from Biting Me?

Cats bite for several different reasons, and the best approach to curbing the behavior depends on the reason for it. Overstimulation This common term refers to cases in which a cat tolerates a certain amount of patting or handling before suddenly chomping into the hand that pats him. For… Read More

Bringing Kitty Home to a New Litter Box

“Inappropriate elimination”…the politically correct way to say Fluffy thinks your entire home is a litter box. When bringing a newly adopted kitty home, some will hesitate to use a new litter box. The Internet is filled with articles on the subject. Most concentrate on three major categories: Medical issues, Litter… Read More

Can I Train My Cat Not to Keep Me Awake at Night?

It is natural for a cat to be active in the evening and early morning hours, and this pattern can fit very well into the lifestyle of a guardian who works full time. Early in the morning, your furry companion is happy to see you finally awake, to chat over… Read More