Why Two Kittens Are Better Than One

The only thing better than bringing a new kitten home is watching two kittens tumble out of their carrier into your welcoming arms! There are many reasons why it’s a great idea to adopt two kittens at the same time. From reducing stress for the kittens to bringing more joy… Read More

How Does the Adoption Process Work?

Our adoption process typically includes the following steps: You see a cat or kitten that we currently have available or you are interested in a certain breed or personality. If you are like most potential adopters, you are probably excited to get this adoption process rolling and get… Read More

What Is Your Return Policy

When PPCR places a cat into an adoptive home, we always hope that the arrangement will be permanent. For a cat who has already been abandoned once, each additional move increases the sense of unease. But now and then, things do not work out as expected. We assume that, after… Read More

Don’t All Rescue Cats Have Something Wrong with Them?

Although we do rescue some cats who are ill, or who exhibit behaviors that their owners could not effectively manage, the majority of cats in our care are healthy and have no particular behavior “problems.” Here are several of the reasons cats are placed into our care: The owner lost… Read More

Do You Disclose Health and Behavior Problems?

Yesterday, I got a very short electronic mail message from a dear cousin of mine. Earlier this year, she had lost her beloved dog, a rescued Golden Retriever mix that had been very much the center of her life. My cousin has never had children and has never worked outside… Read More

Can a Person with Allergies Live with a Cat?

Almost everyone has at least one friend or family member who is allergic to cats. The severity of such allergies can vary quite a bit, with symptoms ranging from sniffles to life-threatening asthma. Some allergy sufferers react only when a cat is quite close to them, whereas others react even… Read More